Troy Peach Departs Perrys, Bryan Walker Named New Baritone

According to a press release I just received from the Perrys via Facebook, Troy Peach has left the group and will be replaced by Bryan Walker, most recently notable for his appearance on American Idol.  Here is the press release:

Daywind Recording artists, The Perrys, have announced that Bryan Walker will be joining the award-winning group effective October 22, 2010. Bryan will be singing baritone, filling the vacancy created by the departure of Troy Peach. Bryan is no stranger to Southern Gospel music as he has been a member of Safe Harbor and the Dixie Melody Boys. Most recently, he has served as a police officer for the city of Sevierville, Tennessee.
“Troy feels that his work with the Perrys is done, so we want to offer our appreciation for all of the hard work and effort that he gave to our group during the past two and a half years,” says Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys. “We love Troy and we wish him nothing but God’s blessings for all of his future plans.
“At the same time,” continues Tracy, “we’re excited about welcoming Bryan Walker to our group. He’s a great young man and a fine singer. So make sure you say hello to him at a concert soon!”

Best wishes are sent to Troy, Bryan, and the Perrys during their transition.


Gold City Releases “The Encore Series”

Gold City has an interesting new product listed in their store: “The Encore Series”, which includes the full length CDs of Standing In The Gap, Preparing The Way, What A Great Lifestyle, Walk The Talk, and First Class.  Interestingly enough, those CDs happen to be the last 3 on the old Riversong label and the 2 Cathedral Records projects.  It appears that you can get all 5 CDs for $30, which is a pretty decent deal at $6 per disc.  If you’re missing these CDs, or really more than 2 or 3 of them, this would be a good and cost effective way to fill in the holes in your collection.  Now I’m waiting for a volume 2 that would include some older albums like Sing With The Angels, I Think I’ll Read It Again, or Windows of Home.  Never satisfied, I know….

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