Concert Review: The Dills

Last night, my church hosted the Dills in concert.  We actually only had about 2 weeks to promote the concert, but still had a pretty decent turnout.  My guess would be 100-150 people in attendance.    Our church quartet opened the concert with a song, and then turned the service over to The Dills.  Here is their setlist:

  • He Promised Me
  • Lord I Lift Your Name on High
  • Days of Elijah
  • The Lord’s Prayer (acappella)
  • Holy of Holies
  • I Quit
  • I See A Mountain
  • End of the Beginning
  • It Is Well
  • Oh I Want To See Him
  • Tired of Running
  • I Am Redeemed


  • Oh What A Beautiful City
  • I’m On Tour
  • Worth It
  • Sheltered In The Arms Of God
  • Shout To The Lord
  • Uncommon
  • Jesus Never Fails

The Dills were in fine form last night, and I’ll give them kudos for varying their song set, as there are several differences in the song list here, versus when I saw them back in April or so.  One really nice thing they’ve added is an acappella rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” that was very well done by the group.  One of the strengths of this group is their musical versatility.  They can flow from straight ahead Southern Gospel straight into Praise & Worship and back again almost seamlessly.  “Holy of Holies” is a great song, and Shawn did a tremendous job on it last night.  I’ve always thought “I Quit” was a great song for LeeAnn, and she proved me to be correct last night.  That song just fits her voice very well.  Musically there are no complaints from me, they did a great job.

Tim continues to improve as an MC, and his flexibility and ability to change their song selection based on the overall atmosphere and flow of the concert setting were on full display last night.  Partially due to the personal connection that I have with the group, and partially due to the fact that several family members were in attendance, the concert felt very loose and informal, which simply enhanced the experience for all in attendance.  There were actually a pretty fair number of people who had never seen the group at the concert, and I can’t help but think they came away with a very positive impression of The Dills.

Tim had asked me before the concert if I had anything I wanted to hear them sing, and I joked around about picking out the most obscure songs from their earliest albums I could, but at intermission I went to him seriously and requested a couple of songs, one of which was “Worth It.”  It’s a beautiful song, and one of my wife’s favorites.  He said they hadn’t done it in a long time, but that they’d do it for me.  As he called the song, he mentioned from the stage that this was one that they “never really do.”  After their performance last night, guys, you need to be staging that song every night.  Bridget’s interpretation is wonderful, and it really ushered in a sweet, genuinely emotional time that lasted from that point until the end of the concert.  LeeAnn sang a verse and chorus of “Sheltered In The Arms Of God” for her parents that was overflowing with emotion, and they immediately went into a strong rendition of “Shout To The Lord.”  It’s amazing to me how well a SG standard fits with the more recent P&W hit, but the arrangement of those two flow really well together from the group.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll take this opportunity to say it again.  “Uncommon” and “Jesus Never Fails” back to back make the single most powerful invitation/altar call that I’ve ever witnessed.  Tim mentioned last night that they’ve closed with those two songs for several years now.  Unless they come across a “Midnight Cry” or the like, they don’t need to change it.

Again last night’s concert, up until “Worth It”, was very informal, relaxed, and almost had a “jam session” like feel to it.  Once the Spirit took over at “Worth It”, I have to commend the group for their sensitivity to the overall spirit of the moment.  It was one of the sweetest and most touching concert times that I’ve  experienced.  We laughed a lot, and we cried some when things got serious.  If you have a chance to see The Dills in concert, please take the opportunity.  You won’t regret taking the time to do so.



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