NQC ’10: Tuesday Recap

Perhaps the biggest news from the twitter/blog/facebook world about NQC last night is that there really hasn’t been much chatter.  The notable exception is that there are numerous reports that the Bowling Family’s main stage appearance was incredibly touching and emotional.  Particularly mentioned has been their rendition of “Too Much To Gain To Lose.”  Other than that, there has been some mention of strong sets by the Crist Family and the Booth Brothers, among others.

Buzz of the Night Award: Southern Sound Quartet.  There were several mentions of their set being strong, and some particular mentions of Rick Fair on the bass part in particular.  Also, Fair reportedly sang with the Booth Brothers on a song as well.

Several additional bloggers will be arriving tonight, so maybe we’ll find some more news gems tomorrow.  I still wish I could be there…..

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