Dennis Swanberg: The Swan’s Still Got It!

Last night, my wife and I were able to attend a “Pastor’s Appreciation Banquet” on the campus of Union University in Jackson, TN.  Our pastor was out of town, and all of the other staff members were unavailable or out of town, so as the Associate Minister of Music (read: low man on the totem pole), it fell to me to go and represent our church.  First of all, I should have known that a gathering of Southern Baptist pastors would know how to eat!  I’m still in a food coma!  🙂

Dennis Swanberg, who attended seminary with the President of Union University, was the featured entertainment for the evening.  Swanberg has been around for a long time now, but his act has in no way gotten stale.  He had the room full of pastors rolling with laughter.  His past experience as “one of them” really allowed him to connect well with the group in the room.  His re-telling of his encounters with Billy Graham and his father’s mid-conversation weather report while he was talking with them about Dr. Graham, and his take on the hymn vs. “praise song” debate were highlights that had tears streaming down more than a few faces.  He wrapped up the evening talking about his DVDs and books, and summarized the points in his “Man Code” book, but tailored the summary towards pastors, which was a serious and fitting conclusion to his time on stage.

Dennis told me that he will be at NQC next week.  I’m not sure if he is participating in any showcases, but if so, make the effort to go see it while you are at NQC.  If he happens to come to your area, by all means go see him, you’ll not regret it.  He’s still a really funny guy!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

One Response to Dennis Swanberg: The Swan’s Still Got It!

  1. Nate Stainbrook says:

    He has a Friday afternoon showcase I believe…

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