Roy Webb Departs Gold City

As was announced yesterday in a press release (read it here) and as I tweeted when I found out the news, Roy Webb is departing Gold City after roughly 8 months with the group.  The press release states that Roy’s tenure with the group was always known to be temporary, and if you will recall when the changes were announced, there was some confusion over Roy’s status at the time.  Specifically, it was mentioned that he would continue solo dates, and questions arose about whether he would be fully committed to Gold City’s schedule.  He put those questions to rest quickly, but somewhere along the way we all forgot about the “temporary” tag.

Roy’s departure will certainly be a blow to the group.  They’ve succeeded in recapturing a lot of momentum this year, and Roy by all accounts made a tremendous difference in the group’s stage presence.  Count me in with those whose pipe dream is for Garry Jones to return to the group.  While the group is holding open auditions, which would incline one to lean towards a current “unknown” as the replacement for Webb, I agree somewhat with Nate Stainbrook’s post that Gold City really needs a significant personality at the bench, and one that has some producing or arranging skills as well.  I also really like his suggestion of Greg Howlett, as Howlett’s work on the Daybreak Quartet’s Hymns CD was exceptional, both from a playing and arranging perspective.  So Greg, send in that audition tape!  I’ll also throw another name into the hat, former Kingdom Heirs piano player Jamie Graves.  Jamie is an excellent pianist, and has the on stage personality to really add to Gold City’s stage presence.  He’s a very funny guy!

Gold City has really recaptured some excitement since the first of the year and the new CD from the current vocal lineup is being eagerly anticipated across the SG world.  I think their choice of a replacement for Webb is vitally important to keep the good momentum going.

Best wishes to Roy and to Gold City as they embark in their new directions.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

One Response to Roy Webb Departs Gold City

  1. Iwould like to see gary jones back he is great person and
    piano player and araanger signed john edwin norris

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