The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #1

Gold City – Pillars Of Faith
“To me, the record is nostalgic because it came out when I was just a little boy. Every song is strong, the production is near flawless and the vocals are spot on. It will go down in history as one of the greatest Southern Gospel albums of all time. But I must say, I am partial. That current line up of Gold City was my favorite when I was a kid!”
— Joseph Habedank, Perrys

“Though I have many favorite albums over my lifetime, ‘Pillars of Faith’ sticks out in my mind as one of the absolute best. Why? Because when you combine incredible songs, outstanding tracks, a great producer (Garry Jones), and add that to one of the greatest quartets ever assembled…it’s inevitable.”
–David Hill, David Hill Trio

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13 Responses to The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #1

  1. Baritone77 says:

    One of the absolute best for sure. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the CD on Ebay last year. GC needs to re-release that album for the masses.

  2. Baritone77, Gold City re-released “Pillars” along with with “Acappella Gold” in 2003 on Cathedral Records. I think it has fallen out of print again, but copies are typically easy to find on ebay. Whether or not they are legit copies and not fakes is another question.

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  4. david says:

    howdy, did somebody fall off there horse and get knocked in the head? i could think of alot better albums then this for #1. maybe top 100????? what about the kingsmen (live naturally). senators quartet(live) with calvin runion and coy cook, (hinsons-live on stage). hey take some aspirin, get a good nights sleep, let your head clear, and rethink this one. whew, somebody blew it. (LOL)

  5. quartet-man says:

    David, how do you feel about this choice? Come on, man, speak your mind. šŸ˜‰

  6. Brad says:

    Although David seems to be in need of some meds (jk), I kinda agree on some points. The Hinsons were way ahead of their time and never got the recognition they deserved. They were to the 70’s/80’s what the Crabb Family is to our time. That family has never gotten the accolades they should have, mainly because they were kinda ‘out there’ and had some fantastic bands that didn’t leave anything ‘on the stage’. The Cathedrals project was good, but #2 of all-time? Not hardly. The Gold City project is one I’m so glad I have still to this day. They nailed it with that one!

  7. david says:

    hey quartetman, i’ll tell you some more but first i have to take my meds. thanks for asking. now where did i put…………………………………!

  8. Russell Graham says:

    Are we just talking modern era here? I think the original Cathedrals with brass and strings would have to be in the top 5. Another worth consideration is the Thrasher Brothers ‘One Day at a Time’ album which happens to the very first recording of the most recorded gospel song of all time. Not to knock the choices because they are all good.

  9. quartet-man says:

    Lol @ David.

  10. QwertyJuan says:

    Best album ever!! Agreed 100%

  11. frank says:

    Another thing to consider is out of all of those albums that some of you have suggested were “better” than “Pillars of Faith,” think about this… Which album won album of the year 2 times in a row at the Singing News awards?! “Pillars Of Faith” did, and its the ONLY album to EVER do that, EVER. Gold City also won more awards than they knew what to do with, including Singing News Awards, Dove Awards, and Grammy Awards. They were hands down the best quartet of all time. Definitely the all-star group. Ask any member of a gospel group who they wanted to sing with when they were young, and the most heard answer will hands down be Gold City. Not the new “Gold City,” but the classic Gold City lineup.

  12. Gold City is my favorite group, and Pillars of Faith is an amazing album that deserves to be at number 1. I do believe that one album is missing from this list, and that is Greater Vision’s 1999 release “Far Beyond This Place”. It was a breakthrough album for Rodney Griffin as a top-tier songwriter in the industry, and it was also a breakthrough album for the entire group, as it includes two #1 songs, “My Name is Lazarus” and “Just One More Soul”. It also includes hits like “He Washed My Feet,” “I Believe,” “Just Pray,” and “He Washed My Feet”. And it was Greater Visions first album they recorded with a full orchestra (the Budapest Symphony Orchestra), which they have done with many of their albums since. In my humble opinion, it definitely deserves a spot in the top 5.

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