The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #3

Singing Americans – Live And Alive

“Live and Alive is one of the best live albums ever in my opinion in SG music.  At that point in my life it just hit on all cylinders with me. The Cathedrals were the only quartet I had ever heard and here came some young guys, particularly Micheal English, who were getting it done. Micheal emerged as one of the best lead singers this industry has ever had. He had taken what he learned from Glen, Jake, and Russ, and put a spin on it that a lot of guys have tried to imitate. Rick Strickland singing tenor, Ed Hill on Baritone and Dwayne Burke on Bass made for a great sound. The project started with the classic intro by Jerry Goff, which I can repeat word for word and still tease him about, into a wonderful energetic performance. Bowed on My knees became a classic song once again.”
— Doug Anderson, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

6 Responses to The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #3

  1. quartet-man says:

    Great album. I preferred Funderburk on tenor and there were good things prior to this, but this has a lot on the same lp. There were also good things done with Parker as well when English left the first time.

  2. Sarah says:

    I have been searching for this album on the internet- does anybody know where I can buy it? I love the version of “I bowed on my knees” on it!

  3. BAS says:

    Wes, I need some help. Came across 4 LPs by a group called the Singing Americans, and I want to know if these LPs are from the early days of the group we know today. One is entitled, “Wanted: Live, The Singing Americans” on the Truth Label, 1031. Liner notes are written by Richard Horn, Pastor of Landis Baptist Church. Mailing address is Route 7, Raleigh, NC. The second LP is entitled, “Our Tribute to God and Country”. The pianist is listed is Jimmy Taylor, and the liner notes were written by Jim Hamill and indicate that he produced the LP. No mailing address is given for the group. 5105N4A/B are the numbers on the LP label, but no number is given on the jacket. The third LP is entitled, “Behold the Man: The New Sound of the Singing Americans”. No label is given, but the number is 752674, and the mailing address is Rt 7, Raleigh, NC. Group members are listed as Rodney Hoots, Gary Herron, Marty Johnson, and Hovie Walker. The fourth LP is entitled, “Amazing Grace.” No label is given, no group members are listed, the number is 752574, and the mailing addrss is, again, Rt 7, Raleigh, NC. Again, any help would be appreciated!

  4. quartet-man says:

    The Singing Americans were around in the seventies long before Burke bought it and put his son on Bass. The lps you have are from the older group.

    @ Sarah, you can get the album on CD (along with the following LP, Black and White) from here: or maybe still Springside Marketing.

  5. BAS says:

    quartet-man, thank you for the info!

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