Great American Gospel

Daystar has had a new show the past couple weeks or so following their Gospel Music Showcase with Tammy Underwood. It’s called Great American Gospel, and is hosted by Ed O’Neal. It’s a very well produced show, and O’Neal does a pretty good job as the host. He has the charm and outgoing personality that pulls such a task off fairly well. As far as talent goes, I’ve seen the now defunct Blackwood Quartet with Ron Blackwood, the Dixie Melody Boys, and the Dixie Echoes, among others. Does anyone know about this show? Where and when is it taped? It’s at least fairly recent, as the copyright date is 2010, but Pat Barker was with the Dixie Echoes, so the performances are at least several months old by now. It really is a well done show, I’ve enjoyed watching it, so whoever is responsible, keep up the good work, and hopefully some of the more upper-tier groups will participate.


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14 Responses to Great American Gospel

  1. Samuel says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and the Booth brothers capitalized off of their Jubilee albums and rebooted the Gospel Singing Jubilee on TBN of GMC?

  2. LeviSJ says:

    I found the official website: It features a few clips of some songs, including Dixie Melody Boys, Primitives, Brian Free & Assurance, Chuck Compton, among others. Looks really well done. I hope to catch it, but most of all, I hope it lasts.

  3. Baritone77 says:

    DVR’d the episode last week and I kid you not there was a group on there by the name of “The Social Security Boys”. BFA and Ed’s group were the only two I recognized. BFA’s recording was off their last DVD.

  4. Jon Lawhon says:

    Great American Gospel is a show produced by Danny & Dee Kramer of The Encouragers by way of their Southern Gospel promotions company, Capitol Enterprises. I’ve done the voice work for some of the commercials seen during the program. Much time and effort goes into the production of Great American Gospel and the result is always top notch. Danny and Dee are in the process of getting the show seen around the country. I believe they’ve already secured a couple of national cable networks. Please help spread the word about it.

  5. gene smith says:

    what do i need to do?

  6. gene smith says:

    how can i get the music for “a better place?

  7. I am looking for thr soundtrack of the Encouagers (Send It Down To Me ) .If any boby know how to get this please let me know;Thanks

  8. Brenda Woods says:

    I am looking for the soundtrack of the Encouragers that has The Wedding Song (Just You And I) on it.

  9. Brenda Woods says:

    how can I get a CD by The Encouragers that has (Just You And I) on it, please reply!

  10. Robin says:

    Have u tried great American gospel tv show? They could tell you where to get it.

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