News From Brian Free & Assurance

Brian Free & Assurance’s latest Facebook status update includes a couple of interesting tidbits.  First, the group is going into the studio to work on an acappella CD to be released in March or April.  BF&A has always done well with acappella songs, most recently with “There Is A Kingdom Coming” from Worth It, so this should be a good one.  Secondly, the group will be using Ricky Free as producer on this and all their subsequent CDs.  Ricky produced the group’s Christmas CD, which is regarded as a very good album, so it will be interesting to see what kind of fingerprint Ricky gives the group’s sound.

EDIT: Ricky also produced the Timeless Hymns and Classics, Volume 2 album, which is an excellent CD.  (Thanks, Ricky!)

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6 Responses to News From Brian Free & Assurance

  1. Kyle says:

    Hopefully, Ricky will pull the group away from the overly-processed sound Barry Weeks was creating in recent years.

  2. DJPhil says:

    Amen to that Kyle!!

  3. QwertyJuan says:

    I agree as well…. even my friends kids all noticed how much it was processed…. had a couple teenagers tell me it sounded like it was “computerized”…..

  4. Ben T. says:

    I know Ricky is a good producer from hearing his stuff on recent projects, but just my opinion, Barry Weeks tends to bring out the best in groups and his touch on “Real Faith” and “Worth It” is very good. Some of my favorite cd’s from Brian Free and Assurance, The Booth Brothers, and Jim Brady have been with Barry Weeks as producer. I really like the fresh sound he brings. Also, I’d be interested to hear how Gold City would do with Barry. I think they need to stay with a strong SG sound but at the same time, break out of the box a little. Just my 2 cents…

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  6. Tyler says:

    I’m excited about Ricky doing their producing. Very good move. Even though I loved “Worth It,” it will please the fans if they move to Ricky’s slightly softer, quality style.

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