New Years Eve

I wanted to first take a moment and wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.  Is anyone planning on going to any New Years Eve concerts or Watchnight services?  The new Gold City lineup is debuting tonight at a concert in Villa Rica, GA.  I have a facebook friend that is going and she has promised a review.  I hope everyone has a safe evening!

3 Responses to New Years Eve

  1. Odie says:

    College Heights Baptist in Gallatin, TN is having a singing tonight featuring Jeff &Sheri, Aaron Wilburn and others tonight at 7. We are planning to attend since we are in Naahville having some work completed on our motorhome. Admission is a $5 donation and a canned food item. The website is

    Odie Boggs

  2. coomercove says:

    We’re going to Morristown, TN for the Greater Vision/Legacy Five concert. I was tempted to head to Villa Rica for the Gold City concert, but that is too long a drive (5 hours) for a concert with that many groups, only one of which I really have an interest in seeing. I’d love to see Josh and Roy’s debut with Gold City, but I’ll more than happily travel 45 minutes to catch Gus Gaches Legacy Five debut.

    As for Gold City’s new lineup debut, I’ll have to settle for concert reviews. Like you, I have several friends planning to attend the concert.

  3. natesings says:

    I’m really looking forward to hearing L5 with Gus. Also looking forward to “Just Stand” coming out with his vocals. This will be the first L5 cd I’ve bought since London. lol

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