Christmas Loot 2009

Hey everyone!  It’s Nate…filling in for Wes while he is on vacation.  In the past I’ve posted either on a message board or blog what SG related items I got for Christmas.  It’s always fun to discuss and also see what other people have received.  Back in my days of being single I would just buy any and every CD I wanted, whenever I wanted to.  However, after being married and becoming a homeowner, my spending habits have changed a good bit.  Nowadays I wait until my Birthday and Christmas to ask for what I want from my favorite artists.  My “must have” groups have also dwindled over the past few years, making it easy just by looking at my new list who my favorites are.  I’d really like some group participation in this so please post what Santa Claus brought you as well!

Booth Brothers- Louisville Live DVD
Booth Brothers- Timeline vol 2 CDs (Will You Love Jesus More, Walkin’ on the Good Side, This Stage of Grace)
Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five- Jubilee CD
Michael Booth- Self Titled CD
Greater Vision- Not Alone CD
Triumphant Quartet- Everyday CD

5 Responses to Christmas Loot 2009

  1. Coomer Cove says:

    My southern gospel related “Christmas loot” were 2 CDs from the Melody Masters, “Original” and “Hymnal Harmony”, that featured the Phillip Hughes and Eric Phillips lineup and a CD by The Edwards Family (free plug, Adam!).

    Non-SGM loot included a pair of jeans, a lightweight yet too hot to wear jacket, and I’m on hold with HP ordering a new desktop PC.

  2. natesings says:

    I sold those same 2 MMQ CDs from my collection not too long ago!

  3. coomercove says:

    Nate, did you sell them to Adam Edwards? I got them off of Adam when he sold several CDs on ebay?

  4. Andrew S. says:

    I got the following cds on Christmas or b/c of Christmas gifts (gift cards, etc.):

    1. Songs You Know by Heart-Talley Trio
    2. Hold On-Dove Brothers
    3. Everyday- Triumphant Quartet
    4. North America, Live!- Hoppers
    5. Awaken-Natalie Grant
    6. Every Light That Shines at Christmas- EH&SSQ
    7. Runaway Train-Crabb Revival
    8. All of Me-Jake Hess
    9. Just Stand-Legacy Five
    10. Faces-Greater Vision
    11. & Jason Crabb.

    My birthday (in addition to Christmas) is in December. So I believe that’s why I got more cds this month of the year than any other.

  5. natesings says:

    @Coomer I was dealing with several buyers at the same time so I don’t remember. Very possible though since he was one of them.

    @Andrew S. Great looking list you have there!

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