YouTube Clip #32 – Perfect Heart 1992

Here’s a real jewel from the original Perfect Heart captured in a live concert.  I’ve always thought that this group had the best arrangement of “In The Sweet Forever”, and the key change and harmony inversion at the end is incredible.  No tracks, no stacks, and no studio overdubs.  Just a piano, bass, and 4 voices.  This is what an elite quartet is supposed to look and sound like.

2 Responses to YouTube Clip #32 – Perfect Heart 1992

  1. Steve Kittle says:

    I agree, excellent unembellished version of a great quartet standard. Reminiscent of the Cathedrals’ piano/bass days. IMO Southern Gospel has lost some of it’s sheen with the advent of stacks and overdubs. Technology is a wonderful tool but I’m afraid in many cases it’s become the master. Can lip-synching be far off?

  2. Mike McIlwain says:

    Wow! What great harmony. I miss Perfect Heart.

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