Thanksgiving Hidden Gem: Cathedrals – “We Are So Blessed”

With this being a short week and the season to give thanks, I thought it would be appropriate to turn the attention to SG songs that express the sentiment.  There aren’t many finer songs that do so than this classic from the 1983 Cathedrals album, Live In Atlanta.  There’s no screaming high ending, no weird chord progressions, or subsonic bass singing.  What you get is a subdued yet beautiful ballad by Kirk Talley, Glen Payne, Mark Trammell, and George Youce, with some of the prettiest singing you’ll hear from that lineup.  The lyrics are really the strength of the song, and the no frills arrangement really highlights the message well.  Pull out your copy and spin it up again.  It’s a great way to get into the proper frame of mind for Thanksgiving.  I’d love to hear the Booth Brothers apply their smooth vocals to this song.

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