Legacy Five Auditioning Tenor Thursday Night

In their latest e-letter, Legacy Five mentions that this Thursday night, October 22, they will be auditioning someone for their soon to be vacant tenor spot at their concert in Birmingham, AL.  The young man is unnamed, but the group states that Frank will be there and the prospective tenor will sing on the second half of the program.  Frank’s last day will be December 8, and they hope to have the new tenor in place for the New Year’s Eve concert in Morristown, TN at Gerald Wolfe’s home church.  If you live in the Birmingham area, be sure to check out the concert and let us know who it is that auditioned and how you think it went.


About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Legacy Five Auditioning Tenor Thursday Night

  1. I heard there were two that auditioned… One is still unnamed and the other was Brent Mitchell… Scott Fowler said on his facebook status update, that the final two scheduled auditions were on Thursday night in Alabama… And I know Brent Mitchell sang a song with them.I hope he did audition and I hope Scott hires him… He is one of my favorite current tenor singers…

  2. I was mistaken on the part about Brent Mitchell… One tenor that auditioned was reportedly Brian Alvey of Tribute… Brent was just called up on the spot to sing “I Know A Man Who Can” with them… I would have loved to have heard that however… I still have not heard who the other tenor was…

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