Greg Shockley Revives Won By One

It looks like Greg Shockley has revived Won By One as a quartet.  You can find them online here, and according to the site they will be releasing 3 CDs soon, 2 of which are previous Won By One hits.  They also have some audio clips available, and the group has a pretty good sound.  They have not started booking dates yet, but be looking for more from the quartet of Greg, Mike Whetsel, Bob Jenkins, and Paul Hyde soon.

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7 Responses to Greg Shockley Revives Won By One

  1. Andrew S. says:

    From my understanding, the group has already released a song to radio. The song is actually the old Nelons classic, “Walk Right out of This Valley.” I heard it about a month ago on Enlighten; and it sounded pretty good.

  2. Olaneljonois says:

    When did Mike Whetsel travel with Greater Vision? What did he do?

  3. Coomer Cove says:

    I think Mike was Greater Vision’s bus driver/product man when they originally formed. He appeared on GV’s first video, “An Evening With Greater Vision”, singing lead on a couple of songs and playing a piano duet with Gerald.

  4. Jim F says:

    What has happened with the revival of Won by One? I can’t seem to find any information about them online other than a review of their Feb. 2010 concert. Have they disbanded? What is their status?

    • Drew says:

      Ditto? I cant find anything either?

    • Paul Hyde says:

      They have pretty much put the “brakes” on. I am now singing with the Florida Boys and Mike is doing a solo ministry. Greg is still working at the Summit (Roger Talley’s recording studio) and selling men’s clothing at Dawson’s Men’s Shop. It was a good group with alot of potential, just didn’t pan out.

  5. sandy quigley says:

    would like to know of anyone that can tell me how to get a CD from Wonbyone.
    I know of two songs on it “Where the nails were ” and God Cryed:
    please let me know I would like to purchase this CD.

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