Benton & Company

Nate and I were discussing the Nelons the other day after coming across some YouTube videos from the We’ve Come To Worship Him project that Benson put out in the early 90s.  In the Nelons appearance on the project, Karen Peck Gooch is singing soprano with the group, though by this time she had left and formed New River.  Charlotte Penhollow had apparently just recently left the group, and we were wondering if Karen filled in with them before they hired Kelly Benton as their next soprano.    I remembered Benton as having a pretty nice soprano voice from the Promised Reunion project, and wondered what she had been up to since leaving the Nelons.  A quick Google search gave me the answer:  Benton & Company.

The group consists of Kelly and her husband Ernie, along with Jon Eagle, who sang with Don DeGrate for a while.  They have numerous audio clips on their site, and the clips are very impressive.  They have a fairly progressive sound that borrows from the Inspirational or even Praise and Worship styles, yet still retains an overall SG feel.  Mentioned in the group’s bio on their website is their admiration for Lari Goss’s music, and the fact that he has produced their recordings and worked with them.  It shows.  I’d not heard anything from these folks before, but I love their sound on the clips they have on the site.  I also see that they performed in a Showcase at NQC this year (perhaps the Song of a Lifetime?).  Did anyone happen to catch their performance?  How was it?

I’m not really sure why this trio hasn’t caught the attention of the powers that be, but at first glance they are VERY good.  I hope to hear more from them soon!

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4 Responses to Benton & Company

  1. Benton & Company is an extremely talented group. Their performance at NQC was on Friday at one of the showcases held in East Hall. The standing ovation they received was just an example of the reaction people have when they perform.

    They work out of the First Baptist Church Indian Trail, NC (their home church). Ernie, Kelly and Jon are not only talented singers but exceptional Christians. If you are interested in having them at your church or event, contact me at the Dominion Agency.

  2. afan says:

    They might be impressive vocally. Who would know though. The vocals are masked by all of the orchestration, effects and vocal stacks. I sound good too in the midst of talented choir.

  3. Michael Davis says:

    In response to comment #2, obviously you have never heard them do any of their acapella arrangements. Let me recommend for you to purchase their acapella project. After listening to it, I believe you will have a mindset change as to the talent level of these wonderful music ministers. The folks at NQC gave them a very long standing ovation after hearing one of their acapella numbers. Maybe you will do the same.

    Michael Davis

  4. Tad Kirkland says:

    It’s crazy to be responding to a 10 year old post but I was looking for a song Benton and Company had recorded and came across this thread. Kelly Nelon had left the Nelons to go solo. Charlotte Ritchie was hired to sing with the Nelons along with another female singer. A year or so into the solo career, Kelly Nelon started a group, Kelly Nelon and Legacy (before Legacy V) with Kelly Benton. It was some time during the solo career/Legacy formation that We’ve Come To Worship was recorded. If Kelly Nelon was in a group, Rex wanted her back, so they merged the groups which is the group you see on A Promised Reunion.

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