Go Out To The Program – A 2000s Version

Back in the 60’s, the Oak Ridge (then) Quartet had a wildly popular song called “Go Out To The Program” in which the group members impersonated several other groups.  The Blackwoods, The Statesmen, The Speers, and the Chuck Wagon Gang were among those who found themselves at the end of the Oak Ridge’s good natured barbs.  I’ve got the old Skylite Oak Ridge album by that name, and Nate was listening to the song on a compilation this morning, and we began discussing the potential of a group doing an updated version of the song.  Personality wise, we agreed that Triumphant Quartet could probably pull this off better than anyone else.  Then we started thinking, who has the distinctive sound or stage personality to be aped by TQ?  The groups that were chosen by the Oak Ridge had very distinctive sounds and/or stage antics.  My suggestion would be the following groups and songs.

  • Perrys – “I Wish I Could Have Been There”
  • Kingsmen – “Beautiful Home”
  • Greater Vision – “There Is A River”  (complete with the big lead voice and Gerald Wolfe’s trilled Rs!)
  • McKameys – “God On The Mountain” (complete with shoe kick!)
  • Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – “Get Away Jordan” (dance moves and all)

I think that would be distinctive enough between the sounds and provide plenty of opportunities for some hilarious comedy.  I’d love to see TQ or someone give it a shot!  What do you think?  What groups/songs would you parody?  Remember that it’s totally tongue in cheek, so you’re not picking out the best song of the group, but one that you can have a lot of fun with!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

6 Responses to Go Out To The Program – A 2000s Version

  1. Kyle says:

    Actually, back in 1991, a group called Chronicle (formerly the Kingsboys) did just that. They updated “Go Out To The Program” and imitated the Inspirations, the Kingsmen, and the Hinsons. They weren’t quite as good at it as the Oaks, but it was still quite good.

    If you ever come across it, look for “Chronicle Live” on CD (it shows up on Amazon from time to time). Worth the hunt….

  2. quartet-man says:

    Actually, the Oaks did it back in the fifties first. They heard it by a black group and Calvin Newton arranged it for gospel.
    There was a boy (might have been a Steele boy) that did the song. If it wasn’t this decade, it might have been late last decade. It would be fun to see it done today.

  3. Ed Butler says:

    I’ve heard Gerald Wolfe (solo post Cathedrals prior to Greater Vision) do Jerry Goff and Peg McKamey. Tried to get him to do it back in ’05 and he said he did not do them any longer. Hilarious!

    I agree. Triumphant could really ham this up…


  4. Grigs says:

    I’d replace the Kingsmen and Greater Vision with The Inspirations singing “I Have Not Forgotten” and the Hoppers doing “Shoutin’ Time”.

  5. DarrellInIndiana says:

    One year at the Quartet Convention the Oaks added the Goodmans complete with Tony Brown stuffing something under his suit coat to look like Howard. The first time I saw it I fell out of my seat laughing so hard.

  6. John says:

    Funny you mentioned this, Wes. I had a conversation with a gospel artist about this very song just a few weeks ago. His group could pull it off. We’ll just wait and see if it ever happens.

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