YouTube Clip #28 – Priority Quartet

I had the honor of having Priority (formerly known as The Mike LeFevre Quartet) at my church a few weeks ago.  Here is a clip off their live DVD featuring a song from “Total Praise.”  This is a great feature for their tenor Gus Gaches, who in my opinion is one of the best full voice tenors out there.  Take a listen and you’ll understand why  he is quickly becoming a favorite.

4 Responses to YouTube Clip #28 – Priority Quartet

  1. burkesbrainwork says:

    Thanks Nate. I LOVE this, and I agree with you about Gus Gaches.

  2. What a delight to see and hear Gus. I’m an old friend of his parents, Jim and Toni. It’s a thrill to see another generation of “Gaches'”moving on in ministry. Keep up the good work, Gus, you have a precious gift God gave you.

  3. Nate Stainbrook says:

    I agree that Gus might be the best full voiced tenor out there! I am glad to see Legacy Five hire him… Though he will be missed with Priority…

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