Aaron McCune Departs Gold City

According to the Singing News story here, Aaron McCune has left Gold City.  GC has set up a special email address for interested parties.  Send inquiries to goldcityauditions@me.com.  Best wishes to Gold City and to Aaron during this transition period.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Aaron McCune Departs Gold City

  1. Ben says:

    Man…they’re havein a hard time keeping the group together aren’t they?!?!? Gold City was actually the first group I ever saw in concert and was my favorite for a LONG time…but since then they’ve been through SO many changes and somehow managed to maintain a strong group!!! I hope they find a good replacement!

  2. Dale Carothers says:

    I really enjoy Gold city. I have listened to their music back when Brian Free and Tim Riley was part of the group and had a special appreciation for both of them because I love hearing high tenors and low basses. I have also listened to Gold city when Aaron Mc Cune was their bass.

    Can anyone tell me why Aaron left. It is certainly not because of his age.

    Thanks and God Bless,

  3. kathy atkins says:

    going to miss seeing you . You are the BEST””’, Gold City are the ones that are going to end up on the short end of the stick. love you aaron.

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