Dwayne Burke/Jericho: How Did I Miss This?

I recently discovered that INSP is showing Bill Traylor’s show, Gospel Music Southern Style, at varying times during the week, including weeknights at 9:30 Central.  Last night, I caught an episode with Jericho from 2002.  About all I knew about Jericho was that Jon McBroom (BFA) and Milan Klippa (Poet Voices) had sung with the group.  I knew the bass singer looked and sounded strangely familiar, but I couldn’t place him.  That is until the name “Dwayne Burke” flashed onto the screen.  I honestly never knew he had sung (and apparently founded) the group.  Burke (who is no relation to this blogger) sounded good, and displayed an upper register on one of his solos that I never knew he had.  He could very easily sing baritone, as well as bass.  I always knew that Burke was more of a blending bass that wasn’t subsonically low, but had no idea his range extended so far on the other end of the scale.  I came away impressed with a vocalist I hadn’t heard much from (at least knowingly) since the Singing Americans days.  Anyone out there more familiar with his work with Jericho?

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15 Responses to Dwayne Burke/Jericho: How Did I Miss This?

  1. Brent says:

    Funny you mentioned this group. I just uploaded a Jericho CD into my itunes a day or two ago. The title was “Celebrate.” It had the personnel you mentioned along with Scott Whitner (former Singing American) I also have another project by them…. I believe it’s their first called “Keepin’ The Faith”. Same personnel except a different tenor whose name excapes me right now. They started on the Homeland label AND I believe they may have recorded on another label later on in their short career.

  2. natesings says:

    I have “Reason to Celebrate” with Klippa, Whitener, McBroom, and Burke.

    • I have been looking all over eBay, Amazon.com, etc. for a copy of that CD. I even found this website several weeks ago trying to find out how to get in touch with Dwayne Burke (Jericho, Singing Americans) to see if he had a copy stashed away somewhere. I actually had cassette tapes of this and Keeping the Faith and they were destroyed in a house fire. I just received a used copy of Keeping the Faith from Amazon. com today. This group was one of my favorites – especially with Milan.

  3. I have several of their cassettes, including Reason To Celebrate. Good stuff. Jericho is a group Dwayne Burke formed after leaving the Singing Americans. They sang for several years. I remember seeing them at NQC, and I also heard them once at a Kempke choral music conference.

  4. Aaron Swain says:

    The current tenor for Cross 4 Crowns, Marcus Faulknor, sang with Jericho for seven years or so, according to his bio on the C4C site.

  5. burkesbrainwork says:

    Aaron, he was actually the tenor with them on the show that I watched.

  6. Daniel Wade says:

    I use to have a cassete copy of theirs years ago. I agree, they had a good sound.

    Daniel Wade

  7. Gordon Cloud says:

    Dwayne started Jericho with Scott Whitener, Jon Mcbroom and a tenor named Anthony Cacuda (sp?). The vocal arrangements of the group de-emphasized low bass singing and allowed Dwayne to utilize his upper range as well as his great solo voice.

    This was a great group that for some reason never really got on the radar of mainstream SG. As David Murray mentions, they did a lot of work with Kempke’s choral music.

  8. Jack Thomas says:

    Wow, what memories. I was flipping through the channel tonight and the TV show was on. That was the first time since we did the show that I have seen it.

    Dwayne, Ken and Marcus were so much fun to sing with and that will always be a great moment in my life. The funny thing was that we were all so sick when we did the show and I still had a 14 hour drive back to Maryland following the taping.

    Jericho has stopped touring and I will always be grateful to my Savior for allowing me to sing with such wonderful me.

    Jack Thomas
    Lead Vocals, Jericho

  9. Anthony Cucuta says:

    All your comments have brought back some wonderful memories. The original tenor singer was to be Gregg Shockley, also formerly of the Singing Americans. Gregg bowed out before the group officially started. The young man who took his spot is Anthony Cucuta. A fine tenor from, of all places, New York City. He toured with Jericho for 2 years before resigning his position to stay home with his ill wife.
    If anyone is looking for tracks of the group, let me know, I can probably call Dwayne and get some copies.

    • Wayne Watson says:

      We had Jericho here in the Houltom, Maine area when the were singing, Also had Dwayne in for solo dates… lost contact with him…. how can I reach him?

  10. alice clark says:

    I have a record album by singing americans called live and alive and they are featured on a cd I have
    called homeland radio hits XIII along with 4 cassettes. I really love this group. Can anyone tell me where
    I can find cds by either group?

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