Gold City With Chris Cooper

Brandon over at Coomer Cove had the scoop on the first good quality video of Gold City with Chris Cooper singing tenor.  Included on the video are “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water” and “After Awhile.”  For those who were concerned about Cooper’s range to hit the Gold City highs based on the videos of him with his previous group, this should go a long way to set your mind at ease.  Cooper does have a different sound than Ladd, but he handles the high tag on “After Awhile” just fine.  It’s a pretty impressive clip, considering he’s only been with the group a month or so.  I’m not sure when this clip was recorded, so it could possibly have been an even earlier performance.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

4 Responses to Gold City With Chris Cooper

  1. Ben says:

    He’s actually pretty good!!!! I was worried what he would sound like…you’re always anxious cause you think that they’ll never sound the same but I like the sound he brings to the group! Good addition!

  2. Ben says:

    Hey…just to let ya’ll know…my family got to see Gold City in concert Friday! They said Chris did an awesome job and will definitely be an asset to the group!! Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to be there cause I was outta town.

  3. roger crews says:

    i saw chris 2 weeks ago in marion,ill. at the first church of God and he did fantastic, what a great addition to this group, they sang as a trio being without a bass singer, they actually did quite well, it was the jamie r PREACH THE WORD TOUR, it was a great service very small crowd a good altar service prayed for needs at the altar, thats what church is all about getting you needs prayed for. A good bass singer – my pick would be chris west. He is fantastic , sounds alot like Tim Riley.

  4. QwertyJuan says:

    Just noticed this post at the top of the pile…. wonder where Chris is now and what he’ll be doing?

    He was an ok tenor, but IMO, Josh is definately a notch above.

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