Hidden Gems: Imperials – “Let There Be Peace”

This song comes from the 1970 LP Gospel’s Alive And Well featuring Jim Murray, Terry Blackwood, Roger Wiles, Armond Morales, and Joe Moscheo.  I’ve long considered this to be the best live album I’ve ever heard (along with the Oaks Performance and the Statesmen On Stage), and quite possibly one of the greatest SG albums ever recorded.  This particular song was actually a secular song written in 1955 that had by this time become an “inspirational” classic.  The Imperials arrangement is spectacular, with complex harmonies and several sections within the song where the instruments drop out for an acappella section, then coming back in with accompaniment.  The difficulty level is incredibly high to do something like that, and not a lot of groups will tackle that kind of challenge.  Still, it’s a note perfect rendition that was very deservingly inclueded a few years ago in the Hall of Fame 2 CD set.  Pull out the LP or even the CD set and listen to one of the most impressive, smooth performances you’ll ever hear.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

One Response to Hidden Gems: Imperials – “Let There Be Peace”

  1. BAS says:

    Yes, this album is outstanding! Great harmonies, especially for a Live album!

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