Crist Family Promoted To Horizon Records

One thing that I noticed, but failed to mention in my review of the Crist Family’s latest, Declaration, is that it was released on Horizon Records, which is the label for Crossroads’ top groups (Kingsmen, Kingdom Heirs, etc.) and I wondered if their previous were on Horizon or the development label, Crossroads.  My question was answered in the latest press release from Crossroads.  They have promoted the Crist Family up to Horizon Records, and as I’m sure you can tell from the review I gave the CD, it’s a well deserved promotion.  Congratulations to the Crist Family.

Here’s the press release:

Thursday, April 23rd was a day of celebration at Crossroads as The Crist Family were promoted within the company to the Horizon Records label. Their new recording, Declaration has just released this April and Crossroads anticipates an incredible positive response to this exciting family’s new material. “Rich Crist and I wanted to continue to move the Crist family further out of the box, showcasing the Crist Family’s ever-growing talent. We’re all very pleased with the outcome and have been overwhelmed at the positive response from buyers already,” states co-producer Jeff Collins. “I also recently had the pleasure of seeing the Crist Family live in concert as they premiered much of the new material. The audience response was phenomenal!” Mickey Gamble, A&R Director for Horizon Records remarked, “several years ago, I knew there was something very special about the Crist Family when I first met them. They are a class act and represent integrity and quality for our industry.” The Crist Family’s Declaration, released in April, is available through Crossroads via digital download and compact disc.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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