More On Steve Ladd & Gold City

I went ahead and posted the news last night as soon as I heard it (do you realize how hard it is to type a blog post on a Blackberry?), but I wanted to give some more thoughts on Steve Ladd and where Gold City goes from here. I’ll admit I was not a fan of the choice of Ladd at the time he was hired, and I was very skeptical about how he would fit with Gold City. After hearing “About The Cross” on First Class, I was reassured that he would do alright. Then came “Preach The Word.” I’ve said here before that I wasn’t a fan of the Revival CD as a whole, but this song is a stark contrast to my feelings on the album as a whole. This song, and Steve’s performance, cemented me as a Steve Ladd fan. If you listen to his early Anchormen recordings and then to “Preach The Word” or any of his features on Moment Of Truth, the difference and maturity in Steve’s voice is like night and day. Lots of respect to someone who obviously worked very hard to hone his skill. Steve, I can admit that I was wrong in doubting you at first, and you will be sorely missed.

So now where does GC go from here? Daniel Mount has an interesting take that they may go for someone with a more contemporary edge to his voice, and Kyle Boreing is I think going along those same lines with his thoughts about Wes Hampton. I’ll agree with that reasoning and suggest a name as well. Gold City (Danny R.) take a good look at Jeremie Hudson. I don’t think Jeremie is singing with anyone since leaving the Imperials, he has that progressive/contemporary edge to his voice, he definitely has the range, and he is versatile enough to handle the more traditional sounds. Read my review of the Imps’ Back To The Roots and you’ll find that out. An added bonus is that he sang with Bruce Taliaferro previously, so there is some history there already.

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7 Responses to More On Steve Ladd & Gold City

  1. dbmurray says:

    Jeremie Hudson with Gold City would be a great combination.

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  3. danieljosiahmount says:

    Actually, no, the line of thought I was taking didn’t include Wes Hampton. Despite that he’s with the GVB, he’s a much more traditional-sounding tenor than Elrod, Hudson, or even, for that matter, David Phelps.

    He draws his inspiration from ’80s Inspirational and Souther Gospel, and though that leaves him a little more contemporary sounding than Bill Shaw or Rosie Rosell, I’d place him a little past medium on the traditional side of the SG tenor field today.

  4. GoldCityisbest says:

    Gold City has been and always will be the best, IMO. There are other posts across the net commenting on the singer that filled in before Steve came in. Does anyone know his name?

  5. coomercove says:

    GoldCityisbest, Dan Keeton (currently of Dan Keeton Quartet) filled in for Jay the weekend before Steve joined.

  6. Wes says:

    I dont think anyone could replace Steve Ladd he is a beast
    Wes Hampton id definetly not high enough to take his spot
    So maybe Jerry Martin

  7. Bill Dawson says:
    Look at Nathan Carlson. He is very good also.

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