Special Valentine’s Podcast From Canaan Records

From the latest press release:

NASHVILLLE, Tenn. (2-13-09)  Canaan Records will release a special Valentine’s Day edition of their popular Canaan & Friends podcast.  The podcast, which is defined by Wikipedia.com as a digital-media file distributed over the internet for playback, features an exclusive interview with Kelly Nelon and highlights the digital re-release of the Rex Nelon Singers recording, Expressions of Love, from the Canaan Vault.  Hosted by Les Butler of Singing News Magazine and Salem Radio Network, the special podcast will be available Friday, February 13, 2009. The podcast can be listened to online at www.canaanrecords.com or downloaded to your computer or MP3 player from iTunes at http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=281783306, as well as being burned to a compact disc (see Mike Hopper video tutorial on www.canaanrecords.com for more information).  Also available on the website are podcasts that celebrate the brand new Hoppers’ release, North America Live! A special contest will also be held in conjunction with the release of the new podcasts. By signing up for Canaan’s e-mail list, fans will be sent questions about the new releases that can only be answered by listening to the podcasts. Upon sending in the correct answers, your name will be entered into a contest where you can WIN PRIZES including your favorite Canaan product and memorabilia. 

Expressions of Love by the Rex Nelon Singers and Sunshine and Roses by the Cathedrals have recently been added to the Canaan Vault, as well as a special release of Wendy Bagwell’s classic, “Here Come The Rattlesnakes.” These new releases contain numerous fan favorite songs including, “Beulah Land,” “We Shall Wear A Robe and Crown,” “The Streets of Gold” and “Even The Winds Whisper His Name.” Canaan’s full album vault releases can be purchased through a number of digital service providers for under $10.00 and single songs can be purchased for around $1.00. Access to purchase and view these and other releases can be found by logging on to www.canaanrecords.com/vault. Expressions of Love and Sunshine and Roses are currently featured on the Singing News featured release player at www.singingnews.com.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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