The Incredible Shrinking Singing News

I received my February Singing News yesterday, and lo and behold it has shrunk again.  This month’s issue is down to 68 pages or so, when the last few issues of 2008 were around 100 pages, give or take a few.  All joking and kidding aside, I’m sure that the reason for the drastic drop the last two issues has to do with advertisers having already paid to run their ads for the whole year of 2008, and choosing not to do so for the new year (2009).  It’s a scary economic time, and I’ll wager that it is unnerving for the folks over in Boone as well.  Losing 35% or so of the pages in your magazine due to fewer ads can’t be a confidence building thing.  My sincere hope and prayer is that we all make it through the downturn successfully.  In spite of trying to bring some levity to the situation with my post title, this really is serious business, and all I can say is I’ll continue to renew my subscription guys (and girls), for what it’s worth.  I hope this all turns around soon!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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