NQC 2009 Schedule Released

The NQC has released their schedule of main stage appearances for next year.  Monday night appears to have gone back to “quartet night”, which is a good thing.  While the NQC has grown far beyond just quartets, and every year someone makes a push to rename the event accordingly, it is entirely appropriate to reserve one night at a “quartets-only” night.  It’s good to see the Collingsworth Family and Ricky Atkinson and Compassion get slots on the main stage.  I’m also glad to see the Couriers get some recognition as well for their rich history with a slot.  I would have liked to have seen the Ball Brothers get a set, but their time is coming very quickly, especially if the new album that they will begin working on after the first of the year is as good as their initial indication.  What suprises do you see either in appearing or not appearing?  (hat tip, DJM)

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