Review: The Dills – Story Of A Lifetime

This is the latest release from The Dills.  It is currently available on pre-order, and should be shipped by the end of the month.  I was able to listen to a mixed, but unmastered, copy of the disc to review it.


  1. Amazing You – Uptempo number that is very progressive in style.  Bridget Dill sings the verses and does a really good job.  Very smooth harmonies highlight the chorus.  Good solid lyrics, a great track, and spot-on vocals make for a very enjoyable cut.  This style really is The Dills at their best.  A great start to the CD.  8.5/10
  2. Holy Of Holies – This is the standout song on the disc.  Shawn Dill has the lead on this song and knocks it out of the park.  This is a cover of an old Truth tune, but the group really makes it their own.  I was blown away by this song when they rehearsed it during their soundcheck at the church a couple weeks ago, and they brought the house down when they performed it during the concert.  This should definitely be a radio release.  Great lyrics, a great arrangement, wonderful vocals, and a stratospherically high ending (with Shawn showing some incredible range) make this one of the single best tracks I’ve heard yet this year.  10/10
  3. I See A Mountain – Country tinged uptempo number.  Tim does a good job on this song, as this style fits his voice well.  Nothing flashy or particularly notable here, just a good solid song.  There is some nice guitar work on the track.  6.5/10
  4. I Quit – This is the second of several very strong inspirational ballads on this disc.  This particular song features LeeAnn Dill, and this is the best feature I’ve heard from her.  She really sells this song well.  The harmony in the chorus is very tight and smooth.  The group really continues to progress well with their sound.  Very nice cut.  8.5/10
  5. Tired Of Running –  This is a uptempo progressive song that features Shawn Dill and includes some nice bass vocals from Tim Dill.  Jeff Chapman and Aaron McCune are pretty safe on their low range, but Tim fills in the part nicely, and really shows an impressive range to handle the lead lines on some songs then be able to drop to the bass part.  This is absolutely a pick of the CD, and would make a great first single to radio.  The chorus has some really nice staggered entrances on each line that really make the song musically interesting.  A nice key change picks the intesity up to finish out the song.  Great cut.  9.5/10
  6. Worth It – This is a nice ballad featuring Bridget Dill.  This is a really beautiful song with a tremendous lyric.  Bridget’s interpretation is dead on.  Nice smooth harmonies bring the mood down to a very worshipful atmosphere.  Nice performance, nice arrangement. 9/10
  7. He Got Up – This track fools you with a piano introduction that makes you believe this will be a power ballad, then the vocals come in and you find out the song is actually a traditional mid to uptempo number.  This song is fairly reminiscent of something the Nelons would have done, and it really reminds me of “He Called Me Out.”  Tim Dill gets some solo lines on the second verse interspersed with some trio lines.  After the second chorus, the key changes and LeeAnn Dill takes the lead.  A false ending leads to another chorus.  Good cut.  8/10
  8. Yesterday’s News – Progressive inspirational ballad that features Bridget.  This song is basically a solo for Bridget with just some sparse background vocals from the group until the last chorus.  However, this song really plays to Bridget’s vocal strength and gives her a real chance to shine.  This song would seemingly fit as well on Christian AC or MOR radio as it would on SG.  Great lyrics, another stellar arrangement, and a great performance from Bridget and the rest of the group on the final chorus highlight this track.  Again, the group really does this style well.  9/10
  9. He Promised Me – Uptempo country/bluegrass themed song that actually provides a nice contrast to the inspirational/progressive sound of “Yesterday’s News.”  This is a very strong uptempo number that showcases some nice blend.  A bridge of “Standing On The Promises” leads to a nice key change and a repeat of the chorus.  Good toe-tapper.  8/10
  10. I’m Over What’s Under The Blood – Country flavored ballad featuring Tim Dill.  Tim does a nice job on the song.  This is a solid performance of a solid song to end the disc.  6/10

Overall: 8.5/10 This CD is a nice progression from their last one, Uncommon, and it really plays to their strength as a group of keeping them walking down a line that blends the best of the Progressive/Contemporary and Traditional styles.  Also, thanks to all involved for a full 10 tracks on this disc.  That was the only real complaint I had with Uncommon, it seemed really short with 9 tracks.  There are several really strong songs on the album, which is a testament to the ability of the group and their producer to pick material that plays to the strength of the group.  The Dills’ producer, Kevin Ward, really knows how to get the best from them.  As good as Uncommon was, this CD is definitely a nice step forward from even that disc.  Pick this CD up the first chance you get, it will provide you hours of enjoyment!

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