Interesting Problem With Mike Lefevre Quartet CD

I bought a copy of the Mike Lefevre Quartet CD Nothin’ But Good yesterday.  Great CD, probably the best I’ve heard yet this year, and I’ll do a review on it in the next few days or so, but I have one disappointing problem with the disc.  On the chorus to “You Thought Of Us”, there is some major distortion going on.  I heard it on my car stereo, and also on my headphones here at work.  I asked Nate, who recently ordered the CD from Canaan, and he checked his CD and hears the same distortion.  It almost sounds like the music is overdriving the speakers, like the CD was produced with the input levels turned up way too high.  I also hear the distortion on the songs “Take My Life” and “Didn’t It Rain”, but it isn’t quite as bad as what “You Thought Of Us” is distorted.  It’s a shame, because “You Thought” is a great song, one of my favorites on the disc, but the distortion lessens the experience.

I’m interested…do any of you readers have the CD, and do you hear the same thing?  If you have the digital version, are your mp3s distorted too?  It really is a shame, such a great CD, but is tempered by the poor audio quality on 3 of its strongest numbers.

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11 Responses to Interesting Problem With Mike Lefevre Quartet CD

  1. For the purposes of my Singing News review, I was provided with digital tracks. They used some intense compression on several songs, which affected the overall rating I assigned to the CD.

    I don’t remember any distortion, but the volume didn’t vary much at all.

    The song “When Jesus Saves” by Gold City and a couple of songs on Brian Free’s _Real Faith_ CD exhibit the same issue to a degree.

  2. Kyle says:

    Check this out….

    “The Loudness War”

  3. Aaron Swain says:

    I thought I was crazy for a while there! I heard a little distortion on the chorus, but I didn’t think anything of it until I saw this post.

    I’ll be posting a review of this project as well before the end of the week. Awesome project, one of my faves of the year, but I agree the distortion does kind of ruin it a bit.

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  5. Bob says:

    I have not heard this particular CD, but I do have Greater Vision’s latest project, “Not Alone.” The first track approaches the distortion you’re describing, and the other tracks are heavily compressed. Arthur Rice was the mastering engineer for that project. Did he have anything to do with the KH CD?

  6. Bob says:


    Did he have anything to do with the LeFevre Quartet CD?

  7. Chris Unthank says:

    I’ve tried and tried and tried to hear the distortion on this song. It’s just not there on my copy.

  8. Bob,
    The mix on the first song of Greater Vision’s _Not Alone_ CD isn’t the greatest. The drums are buried in the mix.

    It does appear to be compressed, particularly from the one minute mark through the end…but it isn’t nearly as intense as some I’ve seen. I wouldn’t characterize it as “heavily” compressed.

    Here’s a screen shot from Gold Wave that you can use for a comparison:

  9. Bob says:

    Thanks, DBM, that’s a helpful visual.

    I know you’re a Goss fan, and since you’ve heard his mixes before, you probably can envision what I’m about to describe. Whereas his piano normally sounds light and bell-like on the high end, and resonant and ringing on the mid to low keys, I’m hearing more of a wood block or xylophone tone on this CD, like the tops of the notes are splatting against a wall with nowhere to go. Same piano, same player, different result.

    Maybe my hearing’s going…

  10. Bob Knapp says:

    Hello guys. Just been reading some of the post about distortion. I’m an old school analog engineer who is embracing all the new digital technology but it seems like no one is really taking the time to listen to the finished product before it goes to mastering, glass mastering that is. Even the mastering guys are slipping. The other thing I have noticed most about the majority of todays recordings is the sibilence. They’re trying to put so much air into the recordings that the processing is overwhelming the signal and then it gets duplicated when aired on FM and now digital radio. I know I’m old (62) but the high end of hearing is supposed to go south when you get to be my age and it seems that’s all I hear is high end. I’ve had my ears checked recently and I have a surprisingly flat response for a man my age, thank God. Well that’s my bit of blog for you. Hope someone will read this and take it to heart. Thanks, Bob.

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