Interesting Problem With Mike Lefevre Quartet CD

I bought a copy of the Mike Lefevre Quartet CD Nothin’ But Good yesterday.  Great CD, probably the best I’ve heard yet this year, and I’ll do a review on it in the next few days or so, but I have one disappointing problem with the disc.  On the chorus to “You Thought Of Us”, there is some major distortion going on.  I heard it on my car stereo, and also on my headphones here at work.  I asked Nate, who recently ordered the CD from Canaan, and he checked his CD and hears the same distortion.  It almost sounds like the music is overdriving the speakers, like the CD was produced with the input levels turned up way too high.  I also hear the distortion on the songs “Take My Life” and “Didn’t It Rain”, but it isn’t quite as bad as what “You Thought Of Us” is distorted.  It’s a shame, because “You Thought” is a great song, one of my favorites on the disc, but the distortion lessens the experience.

I’m interested…do any of you readers have the CD, and do you hear the same thing?  If you have the digital version, are your mp3s distorted too?  It really is a shame, such a great CD, but is tempered by the poor audio quality on 3 of its strongest numbers.

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