Hidden Gems: Statesmen – “When My Master Walks With Me”

This song comes from the LP The Statesmen Quartet Sings With Hovie Lister, which is incidentally celebrating 50 years since its release this year.  This was the Statesmen’s second LP, and featured Cat Freeman, Jake Hess, Doy Ott, Big Chief Jim Weatherington, and Hovie Lister.  This is a slower to midtempo song that is full of modern/jazz harmony.  The lyrics are one of hopefulness in the peace that comes from a close walk with Christ.  This may be one of the greatest harmony songs ever sung.  This song just screams for someone to bring it back.  I personally would like to hear the Lefevre Quartet pull this song out, dust it off with a more modern sounding jazz track, and give it a try.  I think they have the smoothness as a quartet to really do it justice.  Pull out your copy of this classic Statesmen LP and give this song a spin, it’s well worth it!

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