Which Came First?

I converted an old Oak Ridge Boys album to CD last night.  For the sake of brevity (those of you who own the album will appreciate this) I will refer to it as Gospel Quartet Music.  On the LP is the song “The Same Old Fashioned Way”, which was also recorded and popularized by the Imperials.  The Imps recorded the song on The Lost Album, and it made its way onto The Very Best Of The Imperials.  David Will wrote it, but who performed it first?  Did he send it to his friends Bonsall and Sterban then decide to record it himself with the Imperials, or did the Oaks get it from the Imperials and due to the scratch of the Imps’ album end up releasing first?

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2 Responses to Which Came First?

  1. quartet-man says:

    The chicken came first, of course. 😉

    I suspect the answer is neither. After Joe Bonsall left the Keystones to join the Oaks (which was October 0f ’73), The Keystones did one lp under the group name Chariot. Of course Richard had left the Keystones to join the Stamps in around 1970-1971. Anyhow, Chariot still had David Will and Garland Craft as members. Garland was then hired to be the Oak’s pianist after Tony Brown left (I am thinking around 1975) and David Will later went with the Imperials (I think 1976). The lp Chariot was I believe produced by Duane Allen and had Oaks songs such as What A Time Over There and one they would soon do on their Sky High (1975) lp, That’s Just Like Jesus (written by Garland Craft), and the song The Same Old Fashioned Way (written by David Will.)

    I once talked with Garland Craft about the time with Chariot, but I don’t have access at the moment to the emails. So, I am really pretty sure that Duane (already familiar with the songs That’s Just Like Jesus and Same Old Fashioned Way from the Chariot sessions) introduced the Oaks to them too. I suppose Garland could have, but either way, I am pretty sure Chariot beat them to it by around a year or so although I am sure that the Columbia lp. Old Fashioned Down Home Hand Clappin’ Foot Stompin’ Southern Style Gospel Quartet Music would have taken longer to get to market, it was released after Sky High and Garland managed to become a member of the Oaks band in time for the 1975 Sky High cover, if nothing else. As far as whether the Oaks or Imperials got it next would be hard to say.

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