Matt Dibler Leaves The Inspirations?

Reports at SGN are that Matt Dibler has left the Inspirations, and his profile is no longer on the I’s website.  If so, this would be their first lineup change in quite a while, if memory serves me correctly.

Update: It appears that Daron Osborne is filling in at lead for the Inspirations at NQC.

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39 Responses to Matt Dibler Leaves The Inspirations?

  1. coomercove says:

    hmmm, now I wish I had at least looked at the webcast once during the Inspirations set.

  2. volscot says:

    I was watching and looked a time or two during the Inspo’s set. Dibler definitely wasn’t singing – it was someone else. I didn’t recognize him and Martin didn’t introduce him.

    Speaking of the Inspo’s, did anyone ever discover when/why Darren Osborne departed? For all I know, he may have been the guy singing with them last night. He certainly knows the songs and probably has the matching suit & tie.

  3. Quaid says:

    I’ve heard on other forums that it was Osborne singing lead on Monday.

  4. coomercove says:

    Yes, Darren has been singing in Matt’s place this week.

    Actually, during one song, I thought Darren was singing the high part and Archie dropped down to Matt’s part. They may be switching back and forth to help Archie out. Or, that may just be my unfamiliarity to the Inspirations material. I’m not sure.

  5. bs911 says:

    Matt was not at convention he was released from his duties as an inspiration for what reason is unknown. Darron Osborn has come back to fill the Lead vocalist position. it has also been made known that Josh Garner Formaly of the florida boys auditioned for the vacancy at convention early in the week, but no information is set on when the position will be filled. in further questioning of inspirations pianist and manager Martin cook stated that It could be thanksgiving or even spring befor a replacement is named, as for Osborn he is a part time fill in for now. Personally I don’t see the inspirations waiting a really long time to fill the vacancy.

  6. Saved88 says:

    Just wanted to personally thank the Inspirations for how much they have meant to my life through the years ! I appreciate their stand and consistency in their Christ-honoring Music! A lot has to be said for Martin Cook who has been the pillar of the Inspirations!

  7. I's#1fan says:

    Matt is no longer the lead singer for the I’s, but he was, in this fan’s opinion, one of the best Lead’s in the SGM business… He came in after Troy (Burns) departed and completely made the transition seamless. He has a speacial place in all the I’s fans hearts and always will. I have not heard yet who the replacement will be for Martin and the boys, but as far as I am concerned Matt is still number 1.

    Sincerely Saddened and Broken Hearted-

    We love you MATT!!!

    • Patricia says:

      Just to let you know, Matt now sings with a group called the Diplomats. I miss him with the Inspirations also;he has a beautiful voice.

  8. Linda Watson says:

    My husband and I love The Inspirations. I sure miss Matt. They are all so special. Chris Smith filled in at the Labor Day Singing. I love to hear Matt sing Resurrection Ground.

  9. inspiratonsgroupie says:

    I see that the news of Matt has spread fast. I just wanted to say please pray for Matt. I have been friends with him a long time and he will be missed. Please pray for Matt as he seeks God’s will for the next chapter of his life. As for the who is taking his place Daron Osborne and Chris Smith have been filling in. The Inspirations are not planning on getting a new lead singer until the begining of the next year. Please pray for the Inspirations as they ajust to this change in their lives as well. The devil wants nothing more than to destroy that wonderful group, as well as the individual lives of the Inspirations. Please build a wall around them.

  10. wvchales1 says:

    Does anyone know why Matt left, it always seems a mystry when someone leaves. I always thought that Matt was going to be a mainstay with the guys.

  11. Gina Gullett says:

    I attended my first singing in the smokies this fall 2008 . but have seen the inspirations live many times. I feel that matt was one of the best lead singers ever. i never thought he would leave the inspirations. if he was lead by Gods will then i uderstand his departure. if there was a disagreement with the group, i pray that they work it out. the new singer was very good, but it was definently different without matt .

  12. I's#1fan says:

    I would like to reitterate someone elses request (inspirationsgroupie) that we all pray for Matt and the Boys…
    I love to hear Matt sing, He is truly blessed and He will be missed. The Inspiartions have recovered from many departures in the past, but this one will be very hard. Please help me pray for them and for God’s will in the lives of all the singers that we love.

  13. Daron had been filling in for Archie as tenor when Archie’s throat was botheing him. An article in Singing News said Daron could sing all the parts, except Mike’s ! It is interesting that Chris has filled in some. It just proves that “once an Inspiration, always an Inspiration”.

  14. I's#1fan says:

    According to the singing news, Daron is the new lead for the I’s. I heard him sing once in Archie’s place and frankly was not impressed, hopefully the lead will be a better fit for him. I may be judging harshingly because I am used to Archie, I have been listening to the I’s my whole life and I would not like anyone filling in for Archie. Matter of fact, I may not like anyone filliing in for Matt either for a long time, I don’t like change. One of the reasons I love the I’s so much is that they are consistent. It took forever for me to warm up to Melton, of course I love him now, but I didn’t at first, I had my doubts… But he is great! So I will pray for Daron and hope that it will be a fit! I still miss and pray for Matt though!!!

  15. Where on SN did you see that? I haven’t seen official word anywhere, and in fact am under the impression that someone else is filling in right now.

  16. I's#1fan says:

    on the 3rd page it had daron’s pic and name and title as lead…

  17. He was filling in at the time. Presently someone else is trying out.

  18. Nancy Self says:

    I just got home from Booneville, Ms. where the Inspiration’s sang with the Masters and the McKamey’s. We sure missed Matt. The new guy was good but you just hate for the group to lose anybody. Mike was not there either because his mom was sick.

    We will be praying for God’s will to be done in Matt’s life.

  19. Gardenmom says:

    Does anyone know the name of the new guy who has been trying out? Is it someone that has been with another group previously? Im anxious to see who they get to fill Bro. Matts position.

  20. belle says:

    I would like to see Ron Hutchins come back. The Inspirations were great when it was Archie-Ron-Eddie and Mike.

  21. Patriot says:

    Although Archie-Ronnie-Eddie-Mike (and/or Marlin) may have been my favorite. I acutally got to know the combination with Troy on lead instead of Ronnie personally for sometime. It was a joy to work with them on occasion. I think the group that just “ended” with Archie, Matt, Melton, and Mike may be the best musically and vocally of any of the Inspiration combinations. Melton is a fantastic voice – maybe the best of any Inspiration singer and Matt was pretty good, too. Mike has got to be one of the best bass singers of all time- even with his STILL,after all these years, occasional wrong note and out of tune final notes of the song nights. I remember his first night way back when. I could not believe he was on stage instead of my all time favorite Marlin! Changes happen. Knowing Martin, he will NOT allow a new Inspiration to join unless he is going to be the best vocally and spiratually. Basically, we just sit back and wait to see what happens.

  22. bs911 says:

    As Far As the New Guy, There really is no new guy YET! Dallas Rogers Formally Of The Dixie Echoes, Heirline, and Cross 4 Crowns has been filling in as lead also. Darron Osborn deserves the position, the boys been good to the Inspirations filling in and all. He deserves to be called the Lead Singer. Although I think that it is lowly of the inspirations that they are using Darrons name as Lead but really they don’t consider him as and inspiration, Give Him A Chance And The Respect He Deserves, He Should Be Called An Inspiration. The Replacement will not be a name from southern gospel history, that person will be a new inspiration a face yet to be seen in the southern gospel industry, such as Darron Osborn.

  23. Donna says:

    I have been a number one fan of the Inspirations for 31 years. They are all great! They have beautiful voices that blend so great and the reason is their Spirit from the LORD. They are all in unison with HIM and that is how they have so many fans. Watch when you knock one of them because you are knocking the Spirit of the LORD. Matt is my little brother in the Lord and I love them all very very much and pray for them daily.

  24. David says:

    It sickens me to think about hearing the Inspirations without Matt. He was always sincere in his singing and so gracious to my wife and me when speaking in person. It will be sorely missed.

  25. I's#1fan says:

    I agree. I am sick at the thought of him not being there, of someone else singing in his place. I truly breaks my heart!!! I have cried and prayed about it. Yet, I am still sick over it all.

  26. kathy says:

    >>>>>>>on November 14, 2008 at 4:38 am bs911
    As Far As the New Guy, There really is no new guy YET! Dallas Rogers Formally Of The Dixie Echoes, Heirline, and Cross 4 Crowns has been filling in as lead also. Darron Osborn deserves the position, the boys been good to the Inspirations filling in and all. He deserves to be called the Lead Singer. Although I think that it is lowly of the inspirations that they are using Darrons name as Lead but really they don’t consider him as and inspiration, Give Him A Chance And The Respect He Deserves, He Should Be Called An Inspiration. The Replacement will not be a name from southern gospel history, that person will be a new inspiration a face yet to be seen in the southern gospel industry, such as Darron Osborn.>>>>>>>

    The inspiratons have had several guys over the years fill in for some one else THEN be joined to the group….maybe with his growing family he wanted more time off the road….instead of speculating so much maybe we need to pray for these men that have stood so faithfully for the 40+ years

  27. I love all the inspirations and I’m saddened by Matt’s leaving. He is a wonderful singer and I pray for only the best for him and his family. The Inspirations live their witness through their music for our Lord. They are the best southern gospel singers that I’ve ever heard. I look forward to seeing and hearing them when they come to Valdosta, GA February 5. I thank their families for sharing them with us.

  28. kris says:

    just saw them today in sarasota fl a young man named David Reagan was singing lead w\ Dallas Rodgers filling in for Archie sounded GREAT

  29. Mike says:

    Can anyone advise where Matt Dibler was born and raised as a child?

  30. Dan says:

    Matt was raised in a little town named Metamora, Michigan. Matt grew up in a family where he and his brothers and sisters attended an AWANA club at nearby Baptist Church of Hadley ( and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus during this time in their lives. Matt and his brothers and sisters attended nearby Oxford Christian Academy, and later went on to attend Christian colleges in the south. Matt and his brothers and sisters have been an inspiration to folks across this great country, and have been instrumental in seeing many folks come to Christ. We are grateful for the time that Matt served in the Inspirations, and have seen him a few times. We’ll continue to pray for Matt and his family and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  31. Fan since toddler says:

    I have been a fan of the Inspirations since I was old enough to listen to music. I am 36 now and have have listened to them all of my life. I know that things happen and times change. God only knows the true reasons. I do not know why Matt Dibler left. I do hate to see him go. He had a wonderful voice and blended with the Inspirations so well. My son and I have read the Inspiration’s book several times where it states the standards and how you must conduct yourself to be an Inspiration. My son is 8 and one of his dreams is to be an Inspiration..Anyway, to me, the Inspirations are true men of God. For whatever reason, Matt felt the need to leave the group. I respect him for his decision. I hope and pray that God will continue to bless him and his family..and my family and I look forward to hearing from him in the future. As far as Archie and Jack ( the ole bear hunter) leaving the group..In my opinion..they will be touring as long as their health allows them too. We saw them a few months ago. And they did have one new singer with them. He was standing in on Archie’s part to give Archie a break..I know that Archie and Jack have been having health problems for a while and they need to have someone help them out..As far as a replacement, no one could ever replace either of them. I thank God for the Inspirations and for their true stand that they have made for countless years to lift up the true name of our Lord and Savior. We plan on hearing them in Kodak, Tn in Feb. I know for a fact that if Archie and Jack are able to be there they will and they will sing as much as they are able to do. It saddens my heart, as well as my whole families, (we have shed many of tears) but as they have told me. We are not young men anymore..So, it is only expected that some changes will be made in the Inspirations. Changes yes. But, still God fearing, wonderful Christian men. We love you all and appreciate the many, many years and miles that you have traveled for the Lord..Our best wishes are to all of you..

  32. Sherry says:

    I have glanced at the responses here and have not seen any mention of the family tragedy that recently unfolded for Matt Dibler and his family, concerning Byron Fouty.

    Bryon was one of three soldiers taken hostage when his party was ambushed and everyone but himself and two other soldiers were found dead.

    They would later find one of the three floating in a river, dead from whatever wounds his captures inflicted, but Byron and Alex Jiminez were no where to be found.

    Byron was Matt’s nephew, and this family went through such agony beyond anything imaginable, waiting and hoping that Byron, as well as Alex were still alive.

    As fate would serve, Byron and Alex were found dead this past July, over a year after they were taken hostage. Perhaps this has some play in the decisions Matt is making or maybe not. But one thing is sure, he and his family need all the prayer they can get concerning this chapter in their lives, especially the little sister who Byron left behind, as it has probably impacted her the most.

    This is a good and wonderful family who have amazed me with such strength in times of crisis and while I cannot anything beyond this, they are still a family in need of prayer, not due to anything they have done wrong, but because they like all of us have to fight illness and tribulations and even hold eachother up as their beloved ones fight such.

    GOD bless you all and thank you for praying for this family. Gordy and Mary Dibler, Matt’s parents,have become so special to me and they too and their own are in real need of being lifted up this hour.

  33. Dan says:

    Great points, Sherry. No doubt this had some impact on the family and affected Matt in some very serious ways, how could it not. This month’s edition of Singing News has an open letter by Matt about the issue of his leaving the Inspirations. Matt did a very graceful job of thanking the Inspirations and his fans, as well as the Lord, and addressing the issue without wading into it and making it a distraction. Matt gracefully exited the stage and perhaps with some encouragement, space, and time, Matt will return to share his talent with us again.

    One side note, Gordy is Matt’s older brother. Matt’s mother recently passed on.

    • fan says:

      Gordy Jr. is Matt’s Brother. His father is Gordy and his step-mother is Mary. His mother did pass on in 2001.

  34. Jenny says:

    We sure pray that Matt will return to the Inspirations . It’s not the same without Him. God Bless You Matt and remember that so many people Love You and we are praying for you and your family

  35. Mark Drennen says:

    Long-time tenor and founding member of the Inspirations Quartet, Archie Watkins, has announced his resignation after 45 years on the road with the group.

    His last appearance with the Inspirations will be Feb. 28 at New Hope Church (formerly the Lee Greenwood Theater) in Sevierville, Tennessee, he will be starting a ministry as a solo artist.

    Anyone wishing to contact Archie can call (828)497-9798, send an email to or visit his website at

  36. Gina says:

    No offense to the new singers in the inspiration quarter, however i have seen them once since matt, melton, archie, and jack left the group and it was so sad and they sounded so different.
    the music was extra loud and sounded like all tenor singers except for the young man that sang bass while mike was out sick due to losing his voice,
    tha main thing is as long as they are christians and doing God’s will then to God be the glory.
    i miss them being my favorite group but i just haven’t been able to adapt to their change.
    Gina Gullett

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