Matt Dibler Leaves The Inspirations?

Reports at SGN are that Matt Dibler has left the Inspirations, and his profile is no longer on the I’s website.  If so, this would be their first lineup change in quite a while, if memory serves me correctly.

Update: It appears that Daron Osborne is filling in at lead for the Inspirations at NQC.


Which Came First?

I converted an old Oak Ridge Boys album to CD last night.  For the sake of brevity (those of you who own the album will appreciate this) I will refer to it as Gospel Quartet Music.  On the LP is the song “The Same Old Fashioned Way”, which was also recorded and popularized by the Imperials.  The Imps recorded the song on The Lost Album, and it made its way onto The Very Best Of The Imperials.  David Will wrote it, but who performed it first?  Did he send it to his friends Bonsall and Sterban then decide to record it himself with the Imperials, or did the Oaks get it from the Imperials and due to the scratch of the Imps’ album end up releasing first?

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