GVB Reunion Release Date And Track List

Poster baritone77 over at the SN forums has posted the interesting info that the GVB Reunion video will be released in January 2009.  He also has the track list posted with a link to the story on gaither.com.  The track list looks to be very intriguing, I’m looking forward to hearing “New Point Of View”, “Dream On”, and “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks” especially.  Can’t wait for this to be released!

Update: I thought I’d copy the tracklist here.

  • He Came Down To My Level
  • Passin’ The Faith Along
  • Your First Day In Heaven
  • I’ll Meet You In the Morning
  • Temporary Home
  • Rumor Mill
  • Can’t Stop Talkin’ About Him
  • Born Again
  • Bill talks about Buddy joining GVB
  • I’m Free
  • Home Where I Belong
  • Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road
  • The Really Big News
  • Build An Ark
  • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  • Home
  • New Wine
  • The Love of God
  • A Few Good Men
  • I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief
  • No Other Name But Jesus
  • Find Us Faithful
  • When the Rains Come
  • Dream On
  • Satisfied
  • Give Up
  • New Point of View
  • Daystar (Shine Down On Me)
  • I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks
  • Knowing You’ll Be There
  • Going Home
  • I Bowed On My Knees
  • Holy Is the Lord
  • When I Cry
  • He Touched Me
  • Yes, I Know
  • Make It Real
  • Mary, Did You Know
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Loving God, Loving Each Other
  • Gentle Shepherd
  • There Is A River
  • Joy In the Morning
  • O My Lord, What A Time
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