N’Harmony Returns

It’s turning out to be a busy day.  Daniel Mount has the scoop that N’Harmony is returning.  Personnel are Brent Mitchell – tenor, Shane Dunlap – lead, Chris Whitaker – baritone, and Will Van Wyngarden – bass.  They are currently working on a new project.  This is exciting news, and hopefully Shane will be able to rerelease or reorder some of the original N’Harmony projects as well.  I will be looking very much forward to see what comes of this reformation.

Their myspace can be found here.


Kurt Young Is Vindicated

Every so often, there is discussion about Kurt Young, the Cathedrals, and the infamous Dove Awards performance that makes its rounds around blog sites and message boards.  Well, Kurt Young, you have been vindicated.  I was watching the Republican National Convention last night, and during a duet with John Rich on the National Anthem (with Cowboy Troy reciting lines of the Pledge of Allegiance interspersed through the song), Gretchen Wilson’s voice cracked very noticably on the dramatic “land of the free”.  I had been afraid for her the entire song, as she sounded like she was literally having to scream the high notes out.  I’m not a Gretchen Wilson fan at all, but she handled it well, kept going, and finished the song without even a flinch, as did John Rich and Cowboy Troy.  A great example of professionalism in the face of adversity, just as Young displayed in the Doves performance.

New Artist/Fan Blog Site

I mentioned in my review of the latest Talley Trio CD their innovative blog site, Talley Tree-O.  The Crist Family has now joined the ranks with their site, Crist Connect.  According to their newsletter, the Crist Family will be working on a new CD starting in October, and will be using the Crist Connect site much the same way the Talley Trio used their site.  They will be soliciting opinions on songs, photos, potential singles, and the like.  Both the Talley Trio and the Crist Family are Crossroads artists, and the blog sites pretty much mirror each other in layout and design.  Check the site out and subscribe.  You also get a free mp3 that was recorded solely for site members.

Return Of The Nelons

According to the Singing News wire, the Nelons are once again hitting the road full time.  This is a wonderful development, as the Nelons have been sorely missed in the SG world.  They are being booked by the Dominion Agency.

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