Hidden Gems: Kingdom Heirs – “Embrace Of Grace”

This song comes off 2004’s Forever Changed album.  This was the second mainline release with the lineup of Jodi Hosterman, Arthur Rice, Steve French, and Jeff Chapman.  The album produced two monster hits for the Kingdom Heirs with the title track and “I Know I’m Going There”, but buried down at track 6 is this gem of a song penned by Phil Cross.  According to Jodi Hosterman, this song was on the end of a several song demo that Cross sent to the group.  Cross wasn’t really pitching the song to them, as he thought it was too different, but was just looking for an opinion on the song.  When they heard the song, they loved it and ended up cutting it.

Musically this song is very atypical for the Kingdom Heirs.  It is almost an Adult Contemporary/Inspirational feel ballad.  The first verse features a nice smooth unison from the group, which is very atypical for a SG recording.  The chorus splits into 4 part harmony that is performed very well.  Arthur Rice sings the first two lines of the second verse solo, then there’s a unison line, a two part line, and finally a 4 part line before repeating the chorus.  The tag features Arthur singing lead with some unison background parts before ending on a 4 part last word.

This song is really a departure from what the Kingdom Heirs have been known for, but in this case the musical stretch really pays off.  This is a gorgeous tune that is perfomed to perfection by the Kingdom Heirs.  Pull out your CD and give this track a listen, it’s a true hidden gem!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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