Skyline Boys Sign With Crossroads

According to a press release from Crossroads, they’ve just signed the Skyline Boys to a recording deal. Normally I refrain from posting this stuff, but what makes this interesting is that the tenor for the group is Jodi Hosterman. Hosterman, as you recall, joined the group after an all too brief tenure with the Kingdom Heirs. Nice to see that he is returning to a major label with his current group, I really liked his sound with the Kingdom Heirs.

Here is their release:

The Skyline Boys of Purceville, Va. have just signed a label agreement with Crossroads Entertainment. Having had strong success throughout their career, the quartet is poised to continue that trend with this new agreement that will include recording, retail distribution and radio support. Skyline Boys owner Dennis Powers states, “We have had some great help along the way in helping us be successful at what we do. We now believe that this new association with Crossroads can only enhance our future possibilities”.

Having posted several top 40 songs over the last few years such as Worth The Trip, When I Walk Into Heaven and their latest You’ve Never Been Alone, the Skyline Boys have established themselves in Southern Gospel radio across America. As well, major concert promoters have experienced an artist that can not only deliver great music from the platform, but can also reach into the hearts of people with the great message of God’s never ending gifts. Crossroads executive Chris White says, “The Skyline Boys are a group of seasoned performers across the front line. They bring not only talent but experience with them. We are excited to see what new heights this traditional quartet can reach in the coming years, with the help of our great staff of people”.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Skyline Boys Sign With Crossroads

  1. Quaid says:

    Recently it seems that Journey Rocords promoted only the Skyline Boys. So, besides owner Zane King, is there anyone else with that label now?

  2. Jodi Hosteman says:

    Hey Wes. Thanks for the kind words! We are excited to be working with Crossroads and expect to have our new project retail-ready in about 6 weeks. I will be sure to send you a copy if you want one for review purposes. E-mail me an address and I will be sure to get you one. Thanks again!!

    To answer Quaids question…besides Zane, we were the only artist on the label. The opportunity came up at Crossroads and we couldn’t pass it up. Zane was actually very instrumental in helping to broker the deal. We are very grateful to Zane for all of his work on behalf of the Skyline Boys. He has been a great friend!

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