Hoppers New Live Album

Via Daniel Mount’s blog, the Hoppers are embarking on an ambitious project to record a live album using several different venues.  It’s an interesting concept, and brings up an interesting question.  Why lug the recording equipment to several different venues?  What are the cost implications here?  Are they going to be bringing additional musicians to these recording dates?  I’ve also heard of using a couple of different venues for a live recording (for example, the Imperials Live album from 1978 was recorded in St. Louis and Waco, TX), but the Hoppers are using 6 different venues.  It’s definitely an interesting concept.

I also think it’s interesting that their true “debut” project with Canaan is a live album with a mix of old and new material.  Definitely an unexpected, out of the box move by Canaan.  I’m going to be really interested to see how all of this plays out.

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6 Responses to Hoppers New Live Album

  1. Piecing together parts of various live concerts is definitely not unheard of. The Rambos did it on one of their live albums (I’m thinking it was their 1971 Live album), and the Cathedrals even did it for the landmark album Live in Atlanta. The Cathedrals, though, I’m thinking, did a 2-day event at the same venue.

    I think the concept is basically to capture the best from each night. This will also really remove a lot of the pressure and let the performances be more relaxed.

    The thing that fascinates me the most is that with six different venues, I’m assuming it will be a live CD only without a DVD.

  2. burkesbrainwork says:

    Daniel, absolutely it is fairly common to piecemeal the album, I wasn’t as much referring to the practice itself as I was the sheer number of different venues. The Imps album had I think 3 concerts in 2 venues. The Cats album 2 concerts in one venue, but this is 6 different venues. Maybe not unique, but I would think definitely rare for that many concerts/venues to be used.

    Your question about CD vs. DVD is a good one as well.

  3. natesings says:

    Didn’t The Kingsmen do something like this in the early 90s? I don’t know how many cities were involved or if it was even a compilation from past live albums since they were known for doing a plethora of those for a while there.

  4. natesings says:

    Here is the CD I mentioned. The notes on the back cover say Compiled By… so it may be from previously released recordings. Hopefully someone else can shed some light on it.

  5. C. Williams says:

    Combining audio from different venues is actually quite common. With the advances in recording technology it’s not that difficult nor time consuming. I believe the McKameys as well as the Isaacs both recording every performance for several weeks, if not months a few years ago. For the majority of SG groups, a ProTools Digi03 rack unit and a couple of audience mics would allow you to capture your concerts multi-track, which could later be edited and pieced together. Even video now can be done the same way. If you have ever seen the 2005 Keith Urban DVD “Livin’ Right Now”, which BTW is a great DVD, technically speaking, it appears that it is one live concert. However, upon closer inspection, there are several songs where you can see that during the song, the microphone that he is singing into changes from a wired Shure Beta87 to a wireless Shure black housing’d Beta87 (U4 Series). A side note, during this time, Urban’s band leader was bass player Mark Hill, who has played on many SG albums. With groups using tracks, along with time code technology, piecing together a video from multiple concerts would not be that difficult.

  6. coomercove says:

    please forgive any typos…

    Poet Voices recorded a live audio project, I believe for their 10th anniversary, with recordings taken from 4-6 different concerts. The lineup (Dale, Phil, Donny, Tim, and Richie) for that recording was, IMO, one of the best things going at the time. I have to say, I was disappointed with the recording. It wasn’t live… it was more like a compilation.

    Personally, I think making a live recording at different locations takes something away from the feel of the program, but good editing can help with that. I can also see how knowing you are going to have different “takes” would take away some of the pressure and help make a better live recording.

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