The Grizzlies Do Something Smart??

I know, I’ll get back to SG posts shortly, maybe even later today, but I have to tip my hat to Chris Wallace (GM of the Memphis Grizzlies).  When Miami started asking for Rudy Gay to be included in a trade, Wallace said no way, as well he should.  Beasley is off the table, so what does he do instead?  He goes and gets the next best player in the draft, OJ Mayo.  I still hate to see Mike Miller go, but with a starting lineup of Mike Conley (PG), OJ Mayo (SG), Rudy Gay (SF), Darrell Arthur (PF – Another brilliant acquisition!), and Marc Gasol/Darko Milicic (C), the Grizz have a terrific young nucleus.  It probably won’t translate to many more wins next year, but 2-3 years from now, if we keep them together, watch out!  Great moves by Chris Wallace and the Grizz.  I have to admit, when I went to bed, we had Kevin Love and Donte Greene, and I was livid.  Love was OK, but the Greene pick was awful.  What a surprise to see the news scroll by this morning that we had traded for OJ Mayo.  Go Grizzlies!!!

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