Handling Adversity – A Lesson From The Florida Boys

The past couple nights I have been watching AngelTwo’s telecast of the Music City Gospel Showcase from 2006 (I think).  Last night the Florida Boys (Reed, Garner, Allred, and McDonald were the vocalists) were featured on the program.  Anyone who was present in the audience or has seen this telecast got a wonderful lesson in professionalism from Les and the guys.  Les went through a brief introduction and called  the song “He Is Mine and I Am His”, but the track started playing a totally different song.  Les announced this song title quickly over the introduction (but on the telecast was basically inaudible), and Harold Reed took off with his verse.  They sang the incorrect song and didn’t miss a beat.  After the song was over, Les said something like “Obviously that wasn’t the song I thought we were going to sing, but I thought that one sounded pretty good too!”  With the recent event on American Idol of a performer (yes, you, Brooke White) stopping the house band and restarting because she flubbed the words, it was nice to see how true professionals handle some adversity.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Handling Adversity – A Lesson From The Florida Boys

  1. Kyle says:

    You can say or do whatever you want in between songs, but once a song starts, whether it’s the right one or not (or whether you sing the right words or not), you DO NOT stop.

  2. coomercove says:

    In SGM, I’d rather they stop and start the song over rather than faking a “spiritual moment”, using a handkerchief to cover their face so the crowd thinks their crying. A lot of times, they are using the handkerchief to hide their laughs.

  3. coomercove says:

    *their crying* = they’re crying

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