Hidden Gems: Imperials – “We Shall Behold Him” (Dottie Rambo Tribute)

This blog has become known for its Hidden Gems series, so as a tribute to the memory of Dottie Rambo, I’m going to post a few “Hidden Gem” type recordings of some of her most popular songs.

First up is one of her greatest songwriting achievements, this 1982 GMA song of the year was popularized by Sandi Patti. However, an (in my opinion, anyways) equally good recording can be found on the 1984 Imperials album Sing The Classics. At the time, the Imperials consisted of Jim Murray, Paul Smith, David Will, and Armond Morales. This song featured Paul Smith singing the lead, and I consider this to be one of, if not the greatest vocal Smith put on record with the group. Some people may not realize this, but Paul Smith had the range to sing tenor, and in fact sang over Jim Murray when Jim had the lead on songs. On this song, Smith is frequently the highest voice in the harmony stack, but does so with an incredible quality. His solo lines on the verses are incredibly emotive and really bring out the power of Dottie Rambo’s lyric. Sandi Patty may have won the Dove award for Dottie, but seek out the Imperials recording of this all time classic. Dottie had to have been extremely pleased with how this one turned out.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Hidden Gems: Imperials – “We Shall Behold Him” (Dottie Rambo Tribute)

  1. Auke says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this…Paul Smith was unbelievable…imho the best rendition of this powersong!


  2. Daniel Wade says:

    He did a great job on “Rise Again” as well. I am glad to hear that he is back with Armond and Dave. Paul’s new solo CD is fantastic.

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