Hidden Gems: Nelons – “For Eternity”

This song was on the Nelons release from 1994, Triumphant. The big songs released to radio from this disc were “That’s Enough” and “Victory Shall Be Mine”, but sitting at track 2 is this gem of a song. This was the first CD after Charlotte Ritchie rejoined the group, and is an inspirational ballad that the Nelons were so famous for singing. Kelly Nelon sings the verses and does her usual incredible job on them. The chorus is sung very smoothly by the group. On the second verse, the group sings the last line of the verse before heading into the chorus with the typical Nelons soaringly high harmonies before coming back down to a nice soft ending. This is a prime example of why I feel this particular configuration of the Nelons was and is terribly underrated.

A small note though, on the choruses, it sounds like Kelly is actually singing both her part and what would be Jerry’s, it almost sounds like Jerry’s voice is not on this song at all. Does anyone know if this is the case? If it is Kelly singing the tenor part, was this a common practice for them? Regardless, this song is 4:32 of sweetness and perfection. Pull it out and listen again.

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2 Responses to Hidden Gems: Nelons – “For Eternity”

  1. Terry says:

    I am a huge fan of The Nelons, and “For Eternity” has always been one of my favorites. In fact, I just popped that CD in the computer as I typed this message. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    I always thought that Kelly was singing both parts as well. I do remember that Jerry had some vocal problems around this time, although he is featured on some other songs on this project.

    I saw The Nelons in concert when this project was brand new. Kelly said that when they went to the studio to record this album, she didn’t have a song to really be hers on the project. She said that she and Geron Davis composed this in the studio. It really is a gem! Of course, I feel that way about most of their songs, especially Kelly’s solos.

    Their newest project, You Are God, is fantastic. Kelly has many shining moments but has one of her powerful ballads with the title cut.


  2. mike garner says:

    Actually, kelly is singing both parts on thsi album. this was not necessarily common practice for the nelons, but jerry at times had trouble with the parts, especially in later years. while he was an excellent singer, harmony wasnt his strongest point, so at times, kelly did have to to overdubs in order for the harmony to work out. jerry has always been a first rate singer, he just had harmony issues at times, but thats a good ear to hear that kelly is in fact doing both parts. great ear:)

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