Memphis In The Championship Game

After obliterating UCLA on Saturday by 15, the Memphis Tigers take on Kansas tonight for all the marbles in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.  As trite and corny as it sounds, win or lose, this has been an amazing season, as we have already established a new NCAA record for victories in a season (38).  Kansas is a great team, and matches up very well against us, so it will be an interesting game tonight.  GO TIGERS!!!!

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9 Responses to Memphis In The Championship Game

  1. natesings says:

    Great game, tough loss!

  2. What I’ve heard all year is that free throws were the weak spot for Memphis, and it ended up costing them the championship.

    Sorry, Wes. Still, congrats for the great season and on the record number of wins in a season. At least Memphis didn’t cheat to set the record like the NFL’s Patriots.

  3. burkesbrainwork says:

    Yeah, it’s tough to swallow. You’d think a first team All American player with the title on the line would hit at least ONE of three free throws…he’d hit them at an 83% clip in the tourney…oh well. There’s always 35 years from now…let’s see…I’ll be 65….

  4. coomercove says:

    At least Memphis will recruit the best players, even though everyone knows they will only play one year in college. With a good coach, one great player and a decent supporting cast can be dangerous in college ball now.

    Until Coach K bends and starts recruiting better players that may only play one or two years, I’m afraid Duke will always be a top 10 team through the year, but lose in the first weekend of the tournament.

    The big question is whether or not your coach will head back to the NBA.

  5. burkesbrainwork says:

    I am not worried about Cal jetting for the NBA, but I’m worried that he will jet for a big time program, like if Self bolts for OSU, Kansas could make a run at him.

  6. Dean Adkins says:

    If the official would have called the foul out front (as he should and as Coach C was wanting) then the 3 would never have been launched.

  7. I’m an NC State fan…AKA as an anyone-but-UNC fan.

    I suppose I’m supposed to be happy that Kansas beat Memphis in the final, since they whupped up on UNC to get there. :o)

  8. paul jackson says:

    Good game. A classic! really. Hard loss no doubt.
    After the way NC ran through a pretty good AR team, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for any of the Final 4 squads.
    Great season…and great tournament for the Tigers.
    They should, and the city should, be proud.


  9. Steve Wiley says:

    It was a tough loss for Memphis and CUSA as a whole. Even Herd fans were Tiger fans that night!

    Go Herd!


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