March Madness – My Final Four

My how time flies…March Madness is upon us once again. Here’s my Final Four: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Memphis, and UCLA. Wisconsin is my surprise pick, but I just think they will be so ticked off about getting a 3 seed instead of a 2 (Duke???) that they will be playing with a large chip on their shoulder. I know the Big 10 was down this year, but there’s still a good reason that UW is the Big 10 champion. In case you’re wondering, I have Memphis beating UNC in the finals, 84-79. Go Tigers!!!!

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24 Responses to March Madness – My Final Four

  1. coomercove says:

    Don’t “Duke???” me. They deserve every seed, every call, every no call, and every benefit of the doubt they get. Believe me, it isn’t easy being that successful….

    I’m kidding (mostly). I’m a huge Duke fan surrounded by North Carolina fans/Duke Haters, so I take a lot of grief (deep down, I know they’re all jealous).

    I have Kansas beating Tennessee and UCLA beating Texas in the final four, with Kansas winning it all. I just have a funny feeling about the Jayhawks this year. They’ll either win it all or lose in the first round.

  2. Adam Edwards says:

    Funny… brackets don’t even have Memphis in the Final Four :-)…….Go Heels!!!!

  3. burkesbrainwork says:

    Let’s see here…Brandon is a Duke fan, Adam is a Tar Heels fan…I’m loving this, I sense some commenter on commenter crime may be imminent. 🙂

  4. Adam Edwards says:

    I can’t say much……my car has a Dookie tag on the front of it because my wife is a Duke fan.

    I suppose it could be worse……….she could pull for a team like Memphis (JK)!

  5. coomercove says:

    I tell everyone that picks UNC to win the championship that I pray too much for that to happen….

  6. Adam Edwards says:

    Prayers like that don’t go past the ceiling……… :-)!!!

  7. Adam Edwards says:

    Boy, Duke sure squeaked by tonight……I’ll pull for any ACC in the tournament until they have to play the ‘heels, so I was on your side tonight, Brandon!

  8. coomercove says:

    Thanks, Adam. Duke needed all the help they could get last night. Of course, playing defense would have helped more than anything last night.

    I wish Coach K would realize that his recruiting plans have to change. He focuses on bringing in kids that will stay 3 or 4 years. College B-ball has changed. You can’t do that and be a “Duke” quality team. The last several years, Duke has had a team of nothing but shooters and a couple of athletic slasher types. All role players. That is not a team built to succeed in the NCAA or ACC tournament.

  9. Adam Edwards says:

    I think Duke is too unbalanced. Duke needs to get some size in the middle and get away from the 3-point line. 3-pointers are great if you’re hot, but if you’re cold, you can forget it. I played a team in my local rec. league last night that lived by the 3 and we beat them 118-77 because they couldn’t hit a thing. Same concept with Duke.

    Hopefully Carolina has some help on the way after Hansbrough goes pro in a couple of months or they’ll be in the same boat.

    BTW, what’s with all of the upsets so far?

  10. coomercove says:

    Duke is completely too unbalanced. The only players they have with size either (a) prefer to play away from the basket or (b) commit a foul every time they play defense and have Bill Walton feet (they break every time you lace up your sneakers).

    As for the upsets, it must be the water in Tampa….

    The games in Tampa shredded my first round bracket. Luckily, it is only going to cost me two games in the second round (unless one of the 12 seeds keep winning). All the guys (and my wife) in the group I run sound for filled out brackets. One of them had Vandy in the final four and another had UConn in the final four. Those guys were dealt serious blows.

  11. burkesbrainwork says:

    Sorry Brandon, I’m definitely rooting against you today. WVU is my dad’s alma mater and the team I’ve followed all my life. They are similar style teams, so it should be a good game. Go Mountaineers!!

  12. Adam Edwards says:

    WVU really tore into Duke……sorry Brandon! (Congrats, Wes!!!)

  13. coomercove says:

    Well, I can’t really say I’m shocked. Like we mentioned before the game, Coach K really needs to adjust the way he constructs the team. Otherwise, first weekend tournament exits are going to become more normal than they already are.

    BTW, congrats, Wes.

    Not considering my bracket, I’m rooting for everyone except UNC, Texas, and West VA (Sorry, I don’t care for Bob Huggins).

  14. burkesbrainwork says:

    Thanks guys, my Tigers and Mountaineers survive into the round of 16. Adam, your Heels are by far the most impressive team in the tourney. I’d like to see them against Tenn. for the Final Four trip. That will be a good game!

  15. Adam Edwards says:

    The heels have looked good so far. I was kinda shocked by their game on Sunday…..I thought it would be closer than what it was. Washington St. may be a tough one for us and Louisville will be a handful for UT.

    The other Carolina team, Davidson, looked impressive in their comeback win over Georgetown (I was glad to see them lose!). Maybe they’ll go a little farther in the tourney.

    Good luck this week with Michigan St.! That may be a tough game for your tigers…..

    ……this should be a good weekend to watch some b-ball (though I’ll have to TIVO most of it).

  16. Adam Edwards says:

    Well, Wes…….Memphis sure looked tough yesterday. Congrats on the win…..good luck against UCLA! I hope you beat the snot out of them!!!!

  17. burkesbrainwork says:

    We sure seem to be peaking at the right time, that’s for sure. D. Rose is simply incredible…Hopefully we can play this weekend like we did last weekend, and Dorsey can keep his head on straight. I may be a big Beach Boys fan, but Kevin Love is going DOWN!!! 🙂

  18. coomercove says:

    Congrats to Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA! For my bracket, I need Kansas to beat UCLA in the championship! Outside of that, I’m fine with any of these three teams winning it all. I have to say that I don’t see anyone beating Memphis if they keep playing like they played this weekend.

    (Sorry, Adam. I’m a Duke fan and react to all the anti-Duke stuff by being anti-UNC. I don’t buy into the “if your team loses, root for the other teams in their conference” idea.)

    I hope Roy Williams brings some tissues with him next Saturday. Win or lose, I’m sure he’ll be crying.

  19. Adam Edwards says:

    Yep……..tears of joy! Go Heels!!!!!!

    Memphis or UCLA will be tough to beat……Kansas, not so much [I say that and now UNC will play horrible :-)].

  20. Adam, unfortunately for me, it really could be tears of joy. UNC has looked tough to beat, so I hope Kansas (or any of the other teams) shows up and plays their best game of the year to beat them.

    (Adam, please don’t take my anti-UNC stance personal. I’ve just taken so much anti-Duke stuff over the years that it helped form a passionate dislike for UNC.)

  21. Adam Edwards says:

    Nothing personal, buddy……all in good fun……{having a Duke fan for a wife tends to keep me humble :-)}. Where I work, there is a good mix of UNC, Duke, & NC State fans, so it’s constant bickering back and forth. This just happened to be a good year to be a Tarheel fan.

    On a side note, if Memphis plays the next game like they did the last one, they will be unstopable. I was really impressed by their performance in that game.

    I still think either the tigers or UCLA will win it all……(but don’t tell my fellow ‘heel fans I said that!!!)

  22. Adam Edwards says:

    Welllllllll……Carolina’s looking sharp tonight (not!). Oh well, Memphis & Kansas will be a good game.

    Congrats, Wes!!!

  23. coomercove says:

    I was talking to my step-son about the Kansas-UNC game. Somehow, the following exchange took place.

    “Kansas beat the tar out of UNC. Hey, that makes them the North Carolina Heels.”

    “Yeah, because Kansas walked all over them.”

    Adam is right… Kansas-Memphis should be a great game. I guess I’m pulling for Kansas because of my bracket, but I have nothing against Memphis.

  24. burkesbrainwork says:

    I think tonight’s game is going to be incredible. Obviously I’m rooting for my Tigers all the way, but Kansas worries me, if they play like they did for 28 minutes or so against UNC, we could be in trouble. Then again, we’ve won in the rounds of 16, 8 , and 4 by 18, 18, and 15 (would have been 18 again if not for an uncontested last second 3). I hope we keep it up. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

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