Thoughts on SGMA Inductees

All of the recent inductees into the SGMA Hall of Fame are very worthy of their induction, and this is in no way a slight to any of the others, but there are three whose induction I would like to highlight.

Fred Daniel – Long time tenor for the Sunshine Boys and Blue Ridge Quartet.  It is very sad that this honor is being bestowed posthumously.  His stage presence and energy alone made him a legend, not to mention his fantastic voice.  It’s a shame he passed away recently before he could be inducted.

Ray Reese – This man has been a staple of the quartet circuit for some 40 years now.  His long tenure with the Kingsmen makes it surprising that he was not a member before now.  His ability to communicate with an audience and work in calling songs for the KMen since Hamill’s retirement are unrivaled.

Squire Parsons – Besides the fact that he is a fellow West Virginian, Squire is absolutely deserving of this honor.  Everyone points to “Sweet Beulah Land”, and with good reason, but Squire has written numerous hit songs.  Songs like “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”, “He’s Still Living”, “I’m Not Giving Up” and countless others.  Add to that Squire’s incredibly rich baritone voice, and I can’t imagine one any more deserving of the honor than Squire Parsons.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Thoughts on SGMA Inductees

  1. Dean Adkins says:

    I agree with you 100% regarding Squire Parsons. I keep hoping that eventually my annual nominee (Harold Lane) will be elected. Besides being a WV native (and Marshall University alumnus), Mr. Lane is a gifted composer (Standing on the Solid Rock, Touring That City, What Sins Are You Talking ABout, etc), arranger, editor of hymnals, publisher of hymns for brass instruments). Besides this he was a superb singer with the Gospel Harmony Boys and the Speer Family.
    Like the Brooklyn Dodgers used to say “Wait til next year”.

  2. natesings says:

    Being a Kingsmen fan of past and present, it is nice to see Reese and Parsons both being inducted.

  3. John says:

    I know what you mean, Dean. Mr. Lane is most deserving of this honor. I know you are a voting member of the SGMA as am I. I’ll continue to raise the banner for Harold Lane!

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