GVB’s Lovin’ Life Track Listing

Wes Hampton has posted the track listing for the new Gaither Vocal Band CD, Lovin’ Life, on his blog (hat tip, NP). Here is the listing:

  1. I’m Forgiven*
  2. Build an Ark*
  3. Jesus and John Wayne
  4. Go Ask*
  5. Home of Your Dreams
  6. Search Me Lord*
  7. Lonely Mile
  8. There’s Always a Place at the Table
  9. The Diff’rence is in Me
  10. I’m Lovin’ Life
  11. When I Cry
  12. Prisoner of Hope
  13. Then He Bowed His Head and Died*

I agree with NP’s count of 5 remakes, denoted with an asterisk.  There was an instrumental released by Henry Slaughter with the Imperials called “Lonely Mile”, but I seriously doubt the one listed above is the same song.  If by chance it is, then that would make 6 covers, the rest originals.  The CD is due out April 8.  I’m especially excited to hear their version of “I’m Forgiven”, if it is the Imperials song (which I expect) and not the Florida Boys song by the same title.  I like the FB song fine, but I like the classic Imps tune better.

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16 Responses to GVB’s Lovin’ Life Track Listing

  1. Kyle says:

    I sure hope they don’t just recycle the tracks from past projects like they did with “I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go.” This will mark the THIRD time that “Build An Ark” has been done by the GVB….

  2. natesings says:

    I know they did “Build An Ark” on Testify, what other studio recording did they put it on? …or are you counting a Homecoming video?

  3. burkesbrainwork says:

    It was on “New Point Of View” with Larnelle Harris and Gary McSpadden.

  4. natesings says:

    I’m looking forward to this one! I would lean toward “I’m Forgiven” being the Imperials version to go with “Bread Upon the Water” and “Eagle Song” from their last project. I’m hoping Marshall gets a chance to shine on Search Me Lord. Lowry’s part on the last time they recorded it (Southern Classics Volume 2) was on the stale side with Pierce getting to do all the fun stuff. Speaking of Southern Classics, I think they are overdue for a Volume 3. Volume 1 was out around 1993/1994 and Volume 2 was in 1996.

  5. natesings says:

    Ahh I don’t have that one. I have everything from “A Few Good Men” to present. I do have Best From The Beginning which has some stuff from when Steve Greene, Larnelle, and McSpadden were there respectively.

  6. Kyle says:

    I have a feeling that a Southern Classics Vol 3 may not be a priority. The GVB does the more progressive stuff, while Signature Sound does the more classic stuff, and doing shows together, this works out well.

  7. Kyle says:

    I would like to hear the GVB recut “Send It On Down,” personally.

  8. I have heard six of the tracks including some of the remakes. The “Search Me Lord” track is identical, and I agree that’s unfortunate. The vocal arrangement has been tweaked, but not significantly. “He Bowed His His Head And Died” uses a new track as far as I can tell. I haven’t heard “Build An Ark,” yet.

    The song I’ve heard so far that I’m eagerly anticipating hearing over and over is “Jesus and John Wayne.” This could be a smash hit on Country as well as Gospel radio, I think.

  9. natesings says:

    Kyle…good one! I’d also like to hear then do “Mountains of Mercy.” That whole Testify project was great.

  10. Aaron Swain says:

    When I Cry is a great song. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the project.

  11. Quaid says:

    I don’t really want to take this thread of track, but I must ask this.
    “Mountains Of Mercy”, was a radio single near 5-7 years ago for a male trio called David’s Heart. Does anyone know what has become of them?

  12. coomercove says:

    They disbanded several years ago. Their self-titled project was their only CD. I believe Joel Lindsey was their manager and/or owner.

  13. Canuk says:

    A song sampler for the new album is available now at gaither.com.

    The new album sounds great.

  14. Dan says:

    Search Me Lord is not the same track. Gordon Mote has added some major changes you’ll notice right away.

  15. Dan says:

    Actually, upon further listening, I think I’m wrong. Just some different vocals…

  16. Inquirer says:

    Wes, “Lonely Mile” was not an instrumental when the Imperials first recorded it in 1964, nor is it one here on this album. And yes, it is the same song the Imperials did.

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