Crabbs and Record Labels

First came the news of Jason Crabb signing with Spring Hill, now the Singing News reports that Crabb Revival has signed with Daywind.  All this is well and good, but what happened to Big Ten Entertainment (I believe that was the name of the label)?  Wasn’t that basically an offshoot of Daywind that was pretty much formed just for the Crabbs, similar to DaySpring records being an offshoot of Word for the Imperials back in the ’70s?  Granted, the Crabb Family per se is non-existent, but it seems a bit strange that the splinter groups would migrate to other labels instead of continuing their own.  I guess in the long run, it doesn’t really matter all that much, I just find it a bit intriguing.  I’m sure CR will do just fine with Daywind, as will Jason with SH.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Crabbs and Record Labels

  1. Kyle says:

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t CrossWay on Big 10, too?

  2. coomercove says:

    CrossWay released “A Beautiful Thing” on Big 10 Records. I think that is just because they couldn’t catch on with another label and had been sitting on the project for almost a year, only selling demos of the project. When Big 10 started, I don’t recall them planning on being a record label, just a management company for the Crabb Family and their chosen groups like Crossway, the McRae’s, etc. I don’t recall what label CrossWay’s newest project is on. I’ll check when I get home.

    I remember at Dollywood in 2006, they were very excited because several execs from Daywind were in the audience. I really thought that Daywind would pick them up. CrossWay is much more deserving of having the help of Daywind behind them than a group like Austins Bridge (nothing against AB, their debut was good, not great, but good).

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