Canaan Records Signs Lefevre Quartet

According to a press release on the Singing News website, Canaan Records has signed the Lefevre Quartet to its label.  Quite an interesting move.  You have a bona fide cash cow in the Hoppers, now they have gone for an up and coming artist in the Lefevre Quartet.  I’m not really familiar with the group, obviously I am with Mike Lefevre, but lack of SG radio here has kept me from really hearing any of their stuff, other than the occasional sound clip here and there on the web.  I will say that having the vast resources that Canaan will bring should do wonders for these guys, and I would not be surprised if they become major players in the field in a relatively short amount of time.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Canaan Records Signs Lefevre Quartet

  1. Quaid says:

    I encourage you to get a copy of their project with “To Get To Jesus” on it. That’s a superb song.
    Their other radio singles include a slightly “southernized” praise and worship song (the one with the line “There’s no God like Jehovah” . I forgot what it’s called), and a praise ballad called “We Bless Your Name”.
    Although I don’t care for either of the songs, they have a very good arrangement on that first song, one that sits well even with “die hard, traditional quartet fans”.
    I will compliment them on the fact that they have a good blend, and a solid bass vocalist on the recordings.
    One drawback I have is that, as far as I know, Mike hasn’t been featured on any singles. I think they should do that very soon. It should help them solidify their popularity by featuring the vocalist, on severall sucessive radio singles, that southern gospel fans recognize most. After all, the group is carrying on his family’s musical namesake.

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