Gerald Wolfe Solo Recording

Gerald Wolfe will be releasing a solo recording titled Until Now later this spring.  I had heard about this a couple weeks ago, but held off on posting anything about it.  Comparisons are being made to Wolfe’s previous solo recording titled Hold Forth The Light.  I do not own this project, but have heard a couple of songs from it, and if the comparison is indeed warranted, then we may be looking at one of the best CD releases in 2008.  I would expect that this CD will stretch Wolfe a bit more musically than what he has done with Greater Vision.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Gerald Wolfe Solo Recording

  1. paul jackson says:

    had both of GW’s early projects on cassette. First was better (in my opinion). He still sounded like a great gospel singer on it. In the second one (HFTL) they produced him to minimize his natural feel and tone (trying to enlarge his appeal). It was very good. Just did not have his trademark (now) enunciation and resonance that the first one had. Good song selection on both. Again, the first one featured some of the greatest Lari Goss, gospel-inspirational stuff you ever heard.
    Gerald and Lari do a keyboard instrumental duet on “I Am Thine O Lord” that was dream-like…and of course the classic Goss arrangement and Wolfe vocal on “Till the Storm Passes By”, cannot be improved upon.

    Both albums were outstanding…but the first one (self titled) far exceeds the second. Wish I had it on CD.

    FYI: both were released on the Riversong Label…Norman Holland, A/R

    I’m old enough to remember this stuff.

    PJ / the prophets

  2. Randy Field says:

    Any new news on the release date of the new solo project by Gerald? And anyone know where I can get my hands on the first solo project he did? I have Hold Forth the Light, looking for the one before that.

  3. natesings says:

    I heard from a very good source that the new project has been delayed.

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